Dick Cheney Provides Candy for Conservatives: Don’t Swallow

Dick Cheney attacks President Obama in a way designed to make us forget about the kill list, indefinite detention, and NSA spying.

bush obama men in black

Please think about this before you applaud Dick Cheney: You already knew that Barack Obama was the worst President in Cheney’s lifetime. Cheney knows you want to hear it and is happy to provide the affirmation. So yesterday we saw headlines about Cheney’s statements about Barack Obama when he was interviewed by Playboy. The quotations are going to make many conservatives happy.

But you should ask yourself what he is angling at in giving you such satisfaction.

Remember, Dick Cheney is an advocate of homosexual “marriage.” He is not a conservative. He is not on your side in the culture war. During his vice-presidency, we had one of the greatest increases in the national debt of any administration until Barack Obama’s. I am not going to read the Playboy interview, because I don’t ever visit their website. But I’m not seeing any quotations in the media where he criticizes Barack Obama for his spending and the national debt. I can’t find any hint that he thought Obamacare was important enough to mention as a reason that Obama should be rated as such a bad President.

The agenda that led Dick Cheney to give Conservatives the pleasure of hearing him bash Barack Obama can be found in the first bullet point of Newser.com’s summary of the interview:

Obama has “done enormous damage to the military” and is “crippling the capacity of future presidents to deal with future crises,” Cheney says. Already, the country’s ability to deal with terrorist groups “is rapidly diminishing. I look at Barack Obama and I see the worst president in my lifetime, without question,” he says. “We are going to pay a hell of a price just trying to dig out from under his presidency.”

Notice that this kind or rhetoric is not only going to please those who agree with him, but also those who are anti-war Liberals who want to believe that Barack Obama is a deserving Nobel Peace Prize winner. No need to think about the use of drones and the kill list, the assassination of a juvenile U.S. citizen apparently for being the son of an American citizen who was assassinated without trial for allegedly being a terrorist, indefinite detention without trial, or the massive domestic spying program under Obama’s watch (of which Cheney whole-heartedly approves, I’m sure).

[See also, “Media Lie: Barack Obama has Been Peace President until Now.”]

While Obama did sign off on the sequestration cuts, so did Republicans. They all now regret doing so, but it was a tiny acknowledgment of the fact that our coming budget crisis represents a far greater direct national security threat than ISIS or Iraq could ever hope to be. The Pentagon, meanwhile, is the government agency that hasn’t passed an audit in years and has “lost” trillions of dollars—yes that’s with a “T.” There is nothing remotely Conservative about being held hostage to that Big Government corruptocracy.

The way the War Party continues to rule the United States is by pretending to be divided on a host of important issues. Some of the issues (abortion, “gay marriage”) are indeed important. But they are still only used to manipulate the public and force them to go along with the two-party pretense. I’m not condemning anyone for doing so. Sometimes you are forced to play the game because it is the best option.

But we need to know when we are being played. Cheney is trying to make Liberals forget Obama’s acts of aggression and murder in Libya, Syria, and elsewhere. And he is trying to make Conservatives think that we haven’t been suffering under Obama from the growth of the same policies that George W. Bush pushed forward

In 2016, we will have been dominated, from the beginning of the millennium, by one Obusha regime. Cheney is trying to keep that going.

And he is trying to distract us from the voice of Pat Buchanan.