Dick Cheney Tries to Revise History regarding Iraq

Contrary to Dick Cheney, invading Iraq took a stable country under a toothless dictator, and transformed it to a haven for terrorists.

According to Bonnie Kristian at Rare.US, Dick Cheney is going on the news shows claiming that it was good we invaded Iraq: “No, Dick Cheney, you weren’t right about Iraq.”

Naturally, this is coming up because Cheney is beating the war drums for Iran. So the question arises, why should we trust him about Iran when he was so wrong on Iraq?

Cheney says there was nothing wrong with conquering and occupying Iraq.

Bonnie Kristian replies:

The turmoil we see in Iraq now is all too easy to project onto the Iraq of 2003—but as terrible as Saddam Hussein was, pre-invasion Iraq was a far more stable place that (though by no means under good leadership) did not have any al Qaeda or ISIS presence.

The Iraq we invaded was not the Iraq of today. And the 2003 invasion Cheney continues to endorse did not prevent today’s Iraq: it created it.

Indeed, just how dangerous this memory rewrite is comes into stark clarity when we recall that (as even George W. Bush has said, along with everyone from Barack Obama to Ron Paul) the 2003 invasion directly led to the creation of ISIS. In 2015, as the Iraq war revs its engine for another decade or two, it is vital to remember that ISIS was able to form because of conditions the United States created by invading, not vice versa.

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We can add that invading Iraq gave Iran a natural ally, making it more of a regional power. Before we invaded, Iraq was a secular enemy of Shiite Iran. But once we overthrew the secular dictatorship and installed a democratic republic, we gave the country to the Shiite majority. Why we did something that would help Iran is one of the mysteries of history. But the pattern we followed in overthrowing a secular dictatorship so that it could become a theocratic nation with a terrorism problem has been followed by the Obama Administration in Libya and Syria.

In all three cases, our military interventions took a bad situation and made it much worse.