Did Ambassador in Libya Die for Administration’s Pro-Gay Agenda?

I suspect most people, were they to be put in charge of a task such as staffing foreign embassies, would have at least enough common sense not to put an openly gay man in a high-profile ambassadorship in a deeply Muslim country.

“Equal right” blah-de-blah is all fine and good when the backdrop is a civilized country, but under Islam, Muslims still kill gays, especially ones who are dumb enough to advertise their homosexuality.

According to HillBuzz, that may be why Ambassador Chris Stevens was targeted for murder in Libya.

Despite the liberal spin that Stevens died of “smoke inhalation,” there are persistent stories from witnesses that he was raped, killed and displayed in the streets before friendly people were able to retrieve the body.

Sources in Chicago who knew Stevens all say he was gay, so it’s fair to assume the State Department knew it and that Hillary Clinton knew it when she and the president were condemning a videotape that no one had seen.

Under Clinton, and one assumes with the OK of the president, the State Department apparently has been using taxpayer dollars to fund gay pride events around the world, according to HillBuzz.

So much for that multicultural respect liberals are always going on about.

This Administration is in it up to their necks in terms of the exploding Mideast situation. Even though Clinton finally admitted “terrorism” was involved in Libya, she and Obama keep spinning that same story about the anti-Muslim video to keep their supporters from looking too closely at their own culpability.

It’s bad enough that Obama has directly aided the radicals in Libya, Egypt and elsewhere, but if it was widely known that Clinton sent a gay man to his death as some sort of social experiment, even the most die-hard liberals might wake up and realize what they’ve put in charge of the country.