Did George W. Bush Offer to Officiate a Gay “Wedding”?

A report claims that George W. Bush only failed to participate because of a scheduling conflict.

It is important to realize that the answer to the question is somewhat irrelevant. Jeb Bush has already given plenty of indication he wants to be a Republican pioneer for same-sex “marriage.” Nevertheless, it is worth considering.

The New Civil Rights Movement blog recently featured the headline: “George W. Bush Offered to Officiate Same-Sex Wedding.”

Most of the post deals with all the inconsistency in how much George W. Bush publicly opposed same-sex marriage. But then:

The Washington Blade today reported on the news, pointing to a report in Saturday’s Boston Globe.

“Like his father, Jeb Bush is an unusually speedy player, often finishing an 18-round game within two and a half hours,” the Globe reported. 

“Some mornings, Bush drops into H.B. Provisions, a cozy general store owned by Bonnie Clement and her wife, Helen Thorgalsen (George H.W. Bush made international headlines when he attended their wedding in 2013; George W. Bush offered to perform the ceremony but had a scheduling conflict).”

The Blade noted it had “placed a call in with the George W. Bush presidential library and the George W. Bush Center to confirm the former president sought to officiate a same-sex wedding and whether that means he now supports same-sex marriage. The Blade also contacted H.B. Provisions in Kennebunkport regarding the Boston Globe. Before hanging up, someone who answered the phone replied, ‘There’s no story there. There’s nothing to tell. Please just leave me alone.'”

In my opinion, the fact that the elder George Bush both attended and was an official witness to a Lesbian “marriage” is reason enough to believe that the Bush clan is completely committed to forcing the U.S. to bow to the farce of same-sex “marriage.”

But what about the record of George W. Bush?

Promoting a law you know will never happen is a campaign maneuver, not a substantial effort. When Bush advocated an amendment to the Constitution to define marriage as it has always been defined, he wasn’t in much danger of seeing such an amendment passed. It is difficult to amend the Constitution.