Did Governments Donate to the Clinton Foundation out of Altruism?

When governments donate to a “philanthropic organization,” we can bet they expect something in return.

The Clinton corruption machine is becoming too obvious for anyone to ignore. Now, in the case of Islamic states we find governments donate to the Clinton Foundation and, by sheer coincidence, get favors from the State Department.

No less a Left-wing source than Slate.com reports, “Repressive Regimes Donated to Clinton Foundation, Got Federal Approval for Arms Deals.”

Repressive regimes in Algeria, Kuwait, and Qatar donated to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and also “gained State Department clearance to buy caches of American-made weapons” during that time, an International Business Times investigation reports.

The IBT piece reviews all known donations to the Clinton Foundation by countries and defense contractors involved in arms deals that were approved by the State Department during Hillary Clinton’s tenure. During a broader increase in military exports under the Obama administration, more than $300 billion worth of weapons shipments were approved to 20 countries that were or have since become Clinton Foundation donors. Some of these recipients were longtime United States allies, such as Australia and Germany, with relatively upstanding recent records on human rights. Others weren’t.

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Of course, if you simply picture this as evil foreign governments buying influence, you need to remember that they are usually working with evil U.S. defense contractors. Along with the governments donating to the Clinton Foundation, several U.S. companies that had a financial stake in the deals—Boeing, Lockheed, and Goldman Sachs—also paid Bill Clinton speaking fees.

Sometimes I wonder if we are going to wake up one morning and find that the Justice Department has arrested both the Clintons. But then I realize how many people are involved in what is going on and I realize that no one can afford to allow the system to unravel. Boeing, Lockheed, and Goldman Sachs are highly influential in the Obama Administration (especially Goldman Sachs). They don’t want their day-to-day business corruption to become a matter of public record.

So we are basically stuck with a crime family foundation. No one is going to bring them to justice.