Did Someone from DHS Expose Secrets to Discredit Kevin McCarthy?

Wikipedia was altered to allege that Kevin McCarthy had an extra-marital affair and the IP address of the editor was that of the DHS Offices.

Several times on this blog we have raised concerns about how domestic spying and surveillance could be used to destroy or control politicians. It seems as if virtually all politicians are vulnerable to blackmail. We know that the Secret Service recently used its dossier on a politician to punish him. There is no reason to think the NSA would hesitate to do the same.

And something like that may have already happened. The Daily Caller reports, “Did Someone At DHS Edit The Wikipedia Pages Of Kevin McCarthy And Renee Ellmers?

An Internet address originating from the Department of Homeland Security was tied to entries made on the Wikipedia pages of North Carolina Rep. Renee Ellmers and California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, alleging that the two Republicans were having an affair.

It is unclear if someone at the federal agency actually was behind the edits, which were first noted by Washington Free Beacon reporter Lachlan Markay. But both changes — McCarthy’s and Ellmers’ — show that a user at the IP address,, made them on Thursday.

That address comes from DHS’ offices in Springfield, Va.

An alleged affair between McCarthy, the House Majority Leader, and Ellmers, became the source of intense speculation on Thursday after McCarthy announced in a closed-door meeting that he was dropping out of the race to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House.

Both McCarthy and Ellmers have denied the affair.

I have no idea if the rumored affair took place or not. I’m inclined to say that, if both deny the relationship, then we should take them at their word unless real evidence is produced along with witnesses.

But if it did happen and Homeland Security (or someone in DHS) learned about it through their spying, then we have to face the possibility that a federal bureaucracy is able to alter our representative government.