Discussion about Indiana is Useless if It Is Only a Powerplay

Brett Arends writes one of the few worthwhile pieces on the Indiana religious freedom law at Marketwatch.com: “Indiana didn’t actually pass an anti-gay bill.”

If you’d read the text of the law, you’d understand right away.

If you want to know why the so-called wisdom of crowds is a load of B.S., just take a look at the widespread reaction last week to Indiana’s new religious-freedom law.

If you listened to all the voices who have weighed in on this subject, from TV to radio to the Internet, you’d think Indiana just passed a law giving a green light to anti-gay bigotry.

But after talking to some legal experts who had actually read the law in question, I found out Indiana had done no such thing.

The outcry is so violent that one law professor declined to talk on the record. He had already offered a legal opinion about the law in public — and he, and his family, had been swamped by hate mail and personal abuse a result. (So I’m glad we’re all fighting hate speech.)

Another legal professor initially took the view that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, was anti-gay, but added that his knowledge of it so far was based on media coverage. While we were speaking, I found the text of the law online and emailed it to him. Then I called him back a few minutes later, when he had had a chance to read it.

His opening words when he got back on the phone? “Forget everything I just said.”

We have arrived at a moment when the first question before starting any discussion needs to be: “Is this going to a civil and respectful investigation aimed at finding the truth of the matter? Or are you simply interested in a ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ political powerplay wherein your side wins, no matter what the facts are, and regardless of the distortion and lies you have to present to gain your Pyrrhic victory?”

In Indiana, the answer is clear from the hate-filled minions marching in the streets, viciously threatening sincere and thoughtful legal commentators, and calling for boycotts of the Hoosier State (while labeling the peaceful and devout as “haters”). We have opened the door, and sexual anarchists are not going to stop till every perversion of nature is officially promoted as the only positions allowed in the public square.