Being Disfigured by Fire a Just Penalty for 0.1 Oz Marijuana?

A woman never got her day in court before getting disfigured by fire from a police grenade.

Any time you discuss the penalties that are imposed in some Muslim countries you usually find most Americans, whether Christian or not, blame Islam. The reason why a thief (a repeat offender) can get his hand cut off is because that is what Allah demands.

So is stealing a less-serious or more-serious crime than possessing one tenth of an ounce of marijuana?

Yesterday got on the bandwagon to talk about the use of “flashbang grenades” by police: “Why Are Police Maiming, Killing with Grenades?

Following a drug tip, nearly 20 cops stormed a small apartment outside Atlanta in 2010. Invading officers found only a little weed, but managed to seriously injure resident Treneshia Dukes with a flashbang grenade—a police device that’s drawing increasing attention and controversy, Pro Publica reports. Cops often toss the flash-and-bang devices to disorient suspects during drug raids, but critics note that the grenades’ flash is more hot than lava. At least 50 Americans, including children and cops, have been killed, maimed, or injured by flashbangs that landed near them or went off too soon. Even Bill Nixon, an Arkansas man who used to make flashbangs for police (before an officer lost a hand demonstrating one to Boy Scouts) doesn’t get why cops use them regularly. “It boggles my mind,” he says.

Police in Little Rock, Ark., used them on 84% of raids from 2011 to 2013, although the raids usually just turned up minor drug paraphernalia.

Naturally, there are spokesmen for the police who insist that throwing grenade into homes of people who are not convicted of wrongdoing and have no violent record is OK because officer safety requires such Russian roulette procedures.

Then why don’t police just burn down the residences with suspects trapped inside. That will keep the police even more safe.

Here is what Duke’s leg and arm looked like after the grenade attack.

dukes burns

According to ProPublica, the police insisted they were innocent or wrongdoing:

After Dukes filed a formal complaint, a Clayton County Police Department internal investigators wrote in their report that officers had done “nothing wrong” the morning of her injury. In fact, the team commander was promoted. Outraged by the inaction, Dukes filed a civil lawsuit against the police in July 2012, alleging excessive use of force. “No one has ever apologized,” Dukes said in an interview. “It’s not right to feel like you can just hurt someone, and it’s OK.”

This is the typical reaction. I’ve posted before about the family facing medical bills of over a million dollars because the police threw a flash grenade into their child’s bed while he was sleeping. There was no reason in the world to even use a SWAT raid but the police department expects the family to spend a life in bankruptcy for what they did. This would be criminal even if it happened to a suspect who was really guilty, but neither the baby (obviously), nor anyone else in his family, were suspects!

Here is the benefit of law enforcement in color:

burned baby

The police are out of control. They need to be stopped.