Disgruntled Ex-Employee Forgets Workplace Is Not Gun Free Zone

How would this news story have run if the targeted foreman had not been armed?

From KXAN (Austin): “Boss returns fire in West Campus construction-site shootout.”

Two people were hurt in a shootout just before noon at a West Campus area construction site near the intersection of Rio Grande Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Austin police are not yet releasing the names of the two men involved but said the suspect was recently fired from the construction site and returned with a gun. He opened fire on the site’s foreman, who drew his own gun and returned fire — hitting the suspect.

Police say the foreman has a Concealed Handgun License and was allowed to have the gun with him at work. Police say the suspect had recently returned to the site and had been threatening the foreman, so a police report was filed.

“I was actually driving in the area when I heard what sounded to be gunshots, but with the construction, I just assumed it was related to that,” said Senior Austin Police Officer Veneza Bremner.

Austin-Travis County EMS said both the victims are men, and they were taken to University Medical Center Brackenridge. The foreman suffered a serious injury, while the suspect suffered a potentially life-threatening injury.

If the foreman had not been armed, he would probably be dead right now. Then what? Would the shooter have killed others? Would the news be reporting a mass shooter?

If so, you know what would have happened next. Pundits would have shouted and raved about how this incident proves that we have too many guns, that it is too easy to get a gun, that we are permitted too many bullets in our gun, etc.

And it all would have been completely backwards. It wasn’t a lack of laws restraining handgun possession that would have stopped a lawbreaker intent on committing homicide. No, a massacre was averted in part by laws permitting non-criminals to own and carry firearms—or rather, laws recognizing the inalienable right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Face it: if we want to see fewer gun homicide deaths we need owning and carrying weapons to become more widespread in society.