Diversity Coming To A Neighborhood Near You, Whether You Like It Or Not

Some disturbing news from Fox: “[T]he Department of Housing and Urban Development is imposing a new rule that would allow the feds to track diversity in America’s neighborhoods and then push policies to change those it deems discriminatory.”

Opponents of this policy are likening it to social engineering, which is exactly what it is.

Diversity is one of the Left’s most seemingly harmless, benign, and even noble goals, but it is in truth one of their most nefarious.

When politicians speak of diversity, they do so without explaining what the goal of diversity is. Indeed, the goal of diversity is diversity itself. Unlike most goals, diversity is one of the few goals of the Left of which the means is the intended end.

Some people might confuse this for mere pointlessness; that diversity for the sake of diversity is much like going to the grocery store for the sake of going to the grocery store or renting a car merely for the sake of renting a car.

What point is there to diversity? What will be achieved is more diversity, but why does that matter? What is the point of there being a more diverse people?

In actuality, the goal that is attained by creating diversity is the continued marginalization of the white race. Whereas multiculturalism creates among minorities an attitude of hatred for whites, diversity is the weapon Democrats give to minorities to use against whites, to act upon their hatred in a way that won’t get them imprisoned.

I don’t believe there would be much interracial hatred without the impish nudges from the government. Each respective race instinctively wishes to remain among people like themselves, just as artists like to surround themselves with fellow artists, sports fans with sports fans, Christians with Christians, liberals with liberals, and on and on and on, but there is not an instinctive hatred against other races. Therefore the government must create this hatred using multiculturalism, the victims of which must be the majority race (whites) because any majority is a roadblock on the path to diversity.

The irony is that the only race that truly wishes for diversity is the white race, but this is because whites have been indoctrinated by the government to feel guilty for their whiteness. Blacks don’t go out of their way to include whites in their cliques. Asians don’t go out of their way to include blacks in their cliques. Hispanics don’t go out of their way to include Asians in their cliques. Whites, on the other hand, and not just those in government, do go out of their way to include all the other races in their cliques. This will be to their own demise as a majority, which is what is meant by “diversity.”