DJesus Uncrossed: Saturday Night Live Mocks and Blasphemes Jesus Christ

Saturday Night Live has a long history of irreverence towards many different things.  They have targeted people, corporations and countries.  Sadly, they have a large following of viewers that also have very low moral standards and support a number of liberal views.

On February 16, the NBC program went beyond the realms of irreverence to outright blasphemy.  A skit that aired that night wall called ‘DJesus Uncrossed.’  It was an obvious spoof of the highly racist movie ‘Django Unchanged.’  The announcer of the skit declares:

“He’s risen from the dead and he’s preaching anything but forgiveness.”

Then actor Christopher Waltz, dressed as Jesus, complete with a crown of thorns, comes out with a sword and begins to slaughter Roman soldiers just as the character in Django Unchanged slaughtered people in the movie.

You would expect Christians across the country to be outraged and incensed about the blasphemous portrayal of our Lord and Savior.  Tim Wildman, president of the American Family Association was and he started to let others know about it.  AFA and their supporters contacted the two main sponsors, Sears and JC Penney, of the program during the airing of the skit.  Wildman stated:

“NBC would never do this to any other religious group, but it’s popular in Hollywood circles to go after ‘crazy’ Christians.”

The pressure from AFA and others has led Sears to thank them for bringing the matter to their attention.  They also told AFA that they have:

“…taken steps to ensure that our commercials do not air online exactly as they did in this situation.”

JC Penney was not as fast to react as Sears, but the latest report indicates that they have also taken action to pull their advertising from Saturday Night Live.  Wildman encourages Christians to contact Sears and JC Penney to thank them for doing the right thing.

Christians across the country should take actions against NBC, Saturday Night Live and the actors involved in the deplorable skit.  We need to boycott NBC and any programming or movie where Christopher Waltz appears.  Anyone who has the audacity to mock the Creator of the universe by portraying him as vengeful murderer, should never be allowed on stage or in front of a camera ever again.

But what really concerns me the most is the lack of attention this outrage has been given and the apathy of Christians in general.  Most likely, if it hadn’t been for AFA bringing to anyone’s attention, this vulgar display of theater would have gone unnoticed and unscathed.

Imagine what would have happened if Saturday Night Live had aired a similar skit about their prophet Mohammed?  Since it occurred two weeks ago, Waltz and most of those involved would probably be dead from vengeful Muslim.  They don’t tolerate seeing their prophet treated with such disrespect.

Christians, on the other hand, may or may not get a little indignant and most will think it serious enough to take any action or stop watching NBC.  They’ll shrug their shoulders, say that wasn’t that funny and let it slide.


Because many of today’s Christians in America have been so compromised in their faith that they don’t know any better.  They have allowed so much of the world to infect their religious beliefs that their standards and morals are no different than the secular worlds’.   Their religious nerves have been desensitized to any contact with the painful sins of a society that is no better than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Sexual perversion, adultery, fornication and blasphemy have become their norm, rather than the cause of their righteous anger.

And it’s this very reason that America’s Christians have allowed for the moral destruction of our nation which in turn is leading to the economic and cultural destruction as well.  When all of America’s greatness was built on a foundation of biblical principles and then they allow that foundation to crumble, the rest of the house crumbles around it.  The lack of public outcry against Saturday Night Live is proof.