Do Conservative Films Predict GOP Victory in November?

Films have always been viewed as barometers of the mood of a nation. This was especially true during times of war. Compare films about the Second World War with films made about the Vietnam War. The contrasts are striking — from Mrs. Miniver (1942) to The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) to The Deer Hunter (1978) and Coming Home (1978).

Does this year’s crop of successful films tell us anything about what to expect in November? Dr. Ted Baehr of Movieguide® offers some interesting statistics about this year’s movie revenues. Do they indicate a conservative surge? — Gary DeMar

As Republicans gathered for their convention in Tampa, Fla., liberals in Hollywood were stunned . . . by the success of conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, 2016:  Obama’s America attacking the leftist roots of Democrat President Obama’s Anti-American political ideology.

2016: Obama’s America came in Number 8 at the box office this weekend, but led the way among the Top 20 Movies with a per-screen average of $5,718.

“The success of Dinesh’s movie doesn’t surprise Movieguide,” said Dr. Ted Baehr, publisher of the Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment.

“Each year we do a study of the political content in the major movies released, and every year, conservative movies with strong Pro-American, patriotic, conservative, anti-socialist, and pro-capitalist content and values earn far more money than liberal movies with strong Anti-American, pro-socialist, anti-capitalist content.”

 For example, in 2011, Movieguide counted 91 instances of strong conservative content in movies and 105 instances of strong liberal content. The conservative content averaged $59 million in the United States and Canada, but the liberal content averaged less than $10.7 million.

“Dinesh’s movie also is one of the most entertaining, insightful conservative documentaries ever produced,” Dr. Baehr added, “which makes its success even more assured.”

Dr. Baehr pointed out that people shouldn’t be surprised at these box office figures because, according to Gallup last November, 42% of Americans consider themselves conservative but only 21% of Americans consider themselves liberal.

For its 2011 survey, Movieguide counted such movies as Captain America, Mission: Impossible  — Ghost Protocol, Battle: Los Angeles, Hugo, Coriolanus, Real Steal, Mars Needs Moms, and Atlas Shrugged as having at least some strong Pro-American, patriotic, or other conservative content. Movies like X-Men: First Class, Super 8, The Ides of March, Red State, Beginners, Bad Teacher, and Happy Feet Two were deemed to have at least some strong Anti-American, anti-patriotic, or liberal content.

Dr. Baehr noted that the two top blockbuster movies at the box office this year, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, had strong conservative, patriotic, anti-socialist, and/or pro-capitalist content.

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