DOJ Covers Up Sinaloa Cartel Involvement in Torture Case in Minneapolis-St. Paul

You can read a summary of what happened at the Fox Latino website. Basically, the Sinaloa Cartel (yes, as in Mexico) had a stash house in St. Paul, Minnesota where someone stole thirty pounds of Methamphetamine and $200,000 in cash. They found a couple of teenagers (at least one was an adult) and tortured them, threatening to massacre their families if they didn’t come up with $300,000 to repay the cartel.

But while the details are available via Fox News, a more interesting aspect of what happened is emphasized at

The U.S. Attorney’s office omitted Mexican cartel involvement in their official press release on the case. 

The official press release was titled, “Four Indicted for Drug Trafficking Crimes Involving a Violent Kidnapping in St. Paul” and only identified the perpetrators as being from U.S. cities. There were no mentions of Mexico, cartels, or even a transnational criminal organization—the DOJ agency simply omitted the vital information amid national discussions of immigration reform and debates regarding the importance of border security. The U.S. Attorney’s office described the men as having “roles in a large-scale methamphetamine trafficking organization.” The particulars of the case—even without knowledge of alleged Mexican cartel involvement—reveal a brutal underworld in the northernmost U.S. states, similar to what routinely occurs in Mexico’s own drug war.

Breitbart points out the the DOJ has done this before, refusing to acknowledge the role of Mexican drug cartels in horrific U.S. crimes.

The reach of Mexican cartels and their operations inside of the U.S. has been widely reported by Breitbart News, however heavily downplayed by numerous agencies under the DOJ umbrella—especially in their documents released to the American public. In fact, this is not the first time the DOJ agency has omitted or obscured a Mexican organization’s leadership in major crimes on U.S. soil. One such matter involved a Chicago case Breitbart News broke regarding the kidnapping of a mother and children over Mexican narcotics.

The Chicago kidnapping case involved U.S. gang members in Chicago operating under the orders of a leader residing in Mexico. In that instance, a Mexican cartel’s drugs were stolen and an order came from Mexico via telephone for the mother and children of the alleged thief to be kidnapped at gunpoint. The order was carried out. However, the official press release from the U.S. Attorney’s office did not mention that the narcotics belonged to a Mexican cartel. That detail was buried and only discovered by hours of research into court documents.

It makes sense, in an evil way. If the Justice Department were to announce that sensational and horrific murders, tortures, and rapes were happening in the U.S. under the control of Mexican gangsters, it would immediately lead to questions about what the government is doing to secure the borders. Are we about to grant some of these cartel enforcers “amnesty”?

How many other crimes have been stripped of their Mexican connection in Department of Justice press releases? Can we assume that has found them all?

I am surprised that Breitbart didn’t mention another possibility. They have reported that the true context of Operation Fast and Furious was U.S. policy to support the Sinaloa cartel.

Covering up Sinaloa crimes to prevent a popular cry for law enforcement to stop them would be consistent with a policy of supporting the Sinaloa cartel. So, while the government’s wish to promote “immigration reform” explains DOJ deception, there may be an additional motive for it.