DOJ to Recommend Officer Not Be Charged in Ferguson Shooting

It’s not a totally done deal yet, but the New York Times reports (with indignity) that the Department of Justice is preparing a report that will recommend Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson not be charged with federal civil rights violations in the shooting of black teenage thug Michael Brown.

The FBI investigation into the incident that sparked months of rioting funded by left-wing extremist groups found that there was no — repeat, NO — evidence to support civil rights charges, despite months of bellyaching about the alleged racism of Wilson and all the rest of the nation’s police officers.

The reason it’s not a “done” deal is because Attorney General Eric Holder, who is trying to wrap up things before resigning during the world’s longest two-weeks’ notice, has not signed the papers.

Holder, who did his share of stirring things up early in the Ferguson mess, is not exactly known for being fair-minded on issues of skin color, and the NYT is probably waiting with bated breath for him to find some way of throwing Wilson to the lynch mob.

It was a desperate attempt at promoting racial division and an overblown effort to not let a good scandal go to waste, but in the end, neither state nor federal law enforcement officials could make the evidence look like the shooting was anything other than what it was, a cop trying to protect himself from an out-of-control wildman who had already beaten him once and tried to take his gun.

That Brown was willing to kill Wilson there is little reasonable doubt. The young hoodlum — you can’t really justify calling him a man in any sense other than chronological age — seemingly felt that he was above the law and common decency. Earlier in the day, he had pushed and bullied a much smaller clerk at the convenience store where he was doing a little shoplifting.

When Wilson stopped Brown and his friend as they walked down the middle of the street, Brown just walked right up and beat Wilson inside his own patrol car. During the struggle, he tried to take Wilson’s gun, presumably with the intention of using it on the officer. It was only Wilson’s ability to retain control of the weapon and squeeze off a couple of shots that seems to have repulsed Brown’s initial attack.

But even then, Brown wasn’t finished. When Wilson told him to halt, Brown turned and charged. He didn’t put his hands up in surrender. He didn’t say, “Don’t shoot.” He charged. Only then did Wilson fire the fateful shots.

The buzzards quickly descended and, largely fueled by George Soros’ money to radical groups, turned a one-day, justified shooting into a national racial con job and trauma.

Here’s hoping that Wilson is finally cleared.

Even if he is, though, his life has been ruined. He’s under death threat by God knows who, probably someone from the same violent pack of morons that has torn Ferguson apart repeatedly for the past several months.

It’s almost certain he’ll never be able to work in urban law enforcement again, just for his own safety.

And his reputation will never be “untrashed,” thanks to the media.

But if the DOJ comes through, at least the truth will be official, that he’s a good cop, and he only did what he had to do.