Donald Sterling Gets Purgists Started; Christians Next

By “purgists” I mean people who want to purge others out of public life or the economy. Perhaps a better word would be “puritans.” They wanted to “purify” society (the church was a large part of society in their day) and so do these neo-puritans—only they come from a vastly different morality.

Thus, Craig Crawford wrote in the Huffington Post yesterday: “What About NBA’s Homophobe Owner?

By “homophobe” Crawford means someone who donated to organizations that lobby for the traditional (and only real) definition of monogamous marriage as an institution consisting of one man and one woman.

While a racist in their midst deservedly gets the boot, the NBA and its players paid no attention when one of its owners gave half a million dollars to an anti-gay group, defended it and, despite a tepid boycott effort, went along his merry way without any consequence.

Doug DeVos, whose family owns the Orlando Magic and the direct-selling company Amway, gave the cash to the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage back in 2009 through his family’s charitable foundation. Much like the Chick-Fil-A folks.

Faced with threats of a boycott that went nowhere, a family spokesperson brushed it off with ease, saying they believe “the highest calling of any individual is to express their own personal beliefs. As private citizens, the DeVos family supports causes and organizations that advocate for policies aligned to their personal beliefs.”

And there it ended. Not a peep from anyone associated with the NBA about the “values” they are now touting.

Again, “anti-gay group” means group that thinks the real definition of monogamous marriage is one man and one woman. Nothing is said about restoring anti-sodomy laws or forcing self-described homosexuals to wear pink triangles in public.

Later, Crawford adds updates about the sins of DeVos’ parents and siblings. Basically, Crawford wants an NBA that excludes Christians. He wants the NBA to be Mozilla.

Hat tip: Infowars