Donald Trump Says that Eminent Domain is Wonderful

He claims that people who oppose being forced to sell their land under eminent domain are being greedy.

Everyone who knows anything about him knows that Donald Trump is no conservative. He is useful for destroying the Republican establishment, but while he may be better on a couple of issues, he is no more right-leaning than Jeb Bush.

One things conservatives promote is the right to hold property without fear of it being stolen by the government. Thus, conservatives oppose eminent domain—in which the state arrogates to itself the right to take land at a price it deems fair.

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The Club for Growth has been running “attack ads” about Trump and eminent domain. Trumps response is that he is guilty as charged.

According to the Hill: “Trump: Eminent domain is ‘a wonderful thing.’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Tuesday reiterated his stance in favor of eminent domain — a view not shared by many in his party.

 “Eminent domain, when it comes to jobs, roads, the public good, I think it’s a wonderful thing,” Trump told Fox News‘ Bret Baier. 

“You’re not taking property. … You’re paying a fortune for that property,” he said of the process, adding that homeowners can be paid “four, five, six, ten times” their property’s value.

Trump, a real estate mogul, noted that he’s dealt with eminent domain a lot in building developments in New York City. He said the idea that people are forced to sell homes they don’t really want to give up is a myth.

“Most of the time, they just want money,” the businessman said. “These people can go buy a house now that’s five times bigger and in a better location.”

I doubt very many people in the Republican establishment have a different view than Trump’s. It is the perspective of entitled elitists everywhere.

Notice that Trump has the audacity of accusing others of being greedy: “Most of the time they just want money.” Tell me something: Why wouldn’t a person who is forced to sell his home not want to be able to buy a bigger one in a better location? How is that wrong?

Why should connected rich guys like Trump be able to amass huge fortunes through eminent domain and then accuse others of greed for wanting to see some of that profit in exchange for having to give up their property?

And often, the deals don’t do anything for the public good. The Supreme Court Kelo decision, which re-affirmed arbitrary eminent domain abuse as a right of the government, is a great example. The confiscated property was not used to do anything that was good for everyone.

Trump may have some appeal for various reasons, but when people promote his character or his beliefs, I find it incredibly unconvincing. Despite some differences, he is every bit as much a corruptocrat as the Bush dynasty.

I guess if you have been forced to eat a Republican chocolate and excrement sandwich for awhile, eventually a vanilla and excrement sandwich might seem like a desirable change. But don’t tell me it is healthy.