Donald’s Bombshell: Trumped-Up, but Still Brilliant

Nobody knows how to trump up a story quite like the Donald.

When he announced a few days ago that he would be releasing on Wednesday a “bombshell” story about President Obama, I admit, I was intrigued. Okay, fine, I was hooked.

Searching the Internet for any clues as to what this October surprise from Mr. Trump would be, I came across a story about divorce papers between Barack and Michelle Obama from around twelve years ago.

If this was the bombshell, I thought, Trump is going to get Obama re-elected.

Because if there were divorce papers pending signatures from the Obamas and they were able to work out their problems and come to celebrate twenty years of marriage earlier this month, it would make Barack much more likable.

He would go on all the talk shows with his wife and they would describe the trials their marriage faced and how they ultimately pulled together and made it work, and now their marriage is stronger than ever. And if Trump had brought the almost-divorce to public knowledge, it would create a sympathetic character out of Obama.

As it turns out Donald Trump’s big bombshell is merely the potential of a bombshell, but still, I think, a brilliant move. Yes, I said it: Trump did something brilliant.

Trump released yesterday a public statement in which he pledged to donate five million dollars to the charity of Barack Obama’s choice–any charity at all–if Obama releases his passport information and his college records. These are papers that Obama has paid quite a sum to keep sealed from the public, Mr. Transparency though he may be.

Obama has one week to release the requested information in order for Trump to follow through with his side of the offer.

So what charities might our President want to have Trump send his money?

How about NARAL Pro-Choice America, Mr. President? You could help re-secure the female vote by giving five million dollars to an organization the cause of which you seem to believe is the number-one issue for females (because as you and your Democratic friends know, females don’t care about such adult issues as the economy and finances).

Or how about the Inner-City Foundation or Urban Youth Impact to help educate and provide for the poor, helpless kids living in ghettos, for whom you claim to be such a strong advocate?

Of course Obama will not oblige Trump. It’s not going to happen. Which begs the question: What could possibly be in Barack Obama’s college transcripts and passport records that would make him want to deprive these women and children from $5 million?