If You Don’t Let Men Use Women’s Room You’re a Bully

A basic law to stop the assault of transgender harassment is treated as the work of a bully.


The first thing you see in this U.S. News story is the headline and the picture. The picture is of one boy beating up on another. The headline: “Bill: Catch Trans Student in Wrong Bathroom, Win $2,500.”

Does the law have anything to do with bullying or encouraging bullying. No it does not. In fact, since it motivates people to go to the authorities, rather than, say, deal with a man in their daughter’s rest room in an “unofficial way,” it actually offers a civilized method to deal with conflicts that lead to “bullying.”

Of course, I’m using the term bullying in a rather inaccurate way. Bullying is when you pick on someone. The person who is bullying is the person violating the privacy of a sex-specific restroom to make someone of the opposite sex share space where he or she was supposed to have privacy. The transgenders are the bullies. And so is U.S. News.

The Kentucky legislature has a bill now to allow people to sue if they are confronted by a person of the wrong sex in their restroom. This law is obviously necessary as pushback against the national and international movement to grant people a “right” to use the restroom of the opposite sex.

And if you oppose this movement, then you are just an evil bully. You want to slam some poor transgender’s head against the law.

That’s the kind of stupid, stereotype-laden thinking that this movement depends upon and promotes in a so-called “news story.”

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The headline, by the way, is completely inaccurate. The bill nowhere mentions “trans students.” It simply says that someone must use the restroom for their sex. And, by the way, shouldn’t a “trans student” be a person who is not enrolled in school or attending any classes who nevertheless “identifies” as a student?

Let me try to illustrate what is happening.

Think of the rationalization that Vladimir Putin is using to assert himself in Eastern Europe and dominate that region, according to many analysts. The rationalization is that Russia must defend Russian speakers in these other countries.

Our ruling regime is using “transgenders” as a kind of mythical Russian speakers. Because there are poor, bullied transgenders out there trapped in flyover country, the Federal government will need to step in and defend them all and define their rights over against all of us backward Christians. The state has come up with a rationalization to intervene in society at its most basic level and to outlaw Christianity. Every part of family and marriage will cease to exist as a natural institution that God has created and become entirely a creature of politics and everyone’s right to an endless erotic imagination.

The story brings up bullying for no other reason but to associate it with the law.

What is hysterical is that the story has to admit that at least one lesbian is against sharing her restroom time with a man or men, whether or not he or they are wearing a dress and makeup.