Don’t Mow the Lawn Soon Enough; Go to Jail

Too busy to mow the lawn? Get ready to go to jail.

Yeah, America is such a peaceful, idyllic place… we have to dig hard to find criminals to send to jail. Here’s a story we can all smile about—the law punishing a grave evildoer for not mowing her grass. Yep… slash the blades, or get thrown in the clink.

lawn mower

Yahoo News reports, “Woman Goes to Jail for Not Mowing Lawn.”

If you are a resident of Lenoir City, Tennessee, you might want to remember to mow your lawn — otherwise, you will be spending the night in jail.

Karen Holloway just spent six hours in a jail cell for failing to maintain her yard in accordance with the standards set by the city.

The saga began last summer, when Holloway was sent a citation for her overgrown grass and shrubbery. Holloway, who works a full-time job and has two children living at home, a husband in school, and one family vehicle, admits the yard needed some attention but that it just wasn’t feasible to do the work.

“The bushes and trees were overgrown. But that’s certainly not a criminal offense,” she says. 

Last week, Judge Terry Vann handed down a five-day jail sentence to Holloway for refusing to comply with the city ordinances regarding yard maintenance, specifically the lack thereof. Holloway feels this was all just too much, saying, “It’s not right. Why would you put me in jail with child molesters and people who’ve done real crimes, because I haven’t maintained my yard.”

In addition to the severity of the sentencing, Holloway say she also feels that she was bullied during the process because she was never read her rights or told that she could have a lawyer present

Land of the free, home of the brave. I hope the police wore their SWAT gear to handle this clearly dangerous lawbreaker, and that the judge was behind a protective shielding.

Too bad I didn’t know the power I had when I was Home Owner Association president for four or five years. Instead of helping neighbors get their places cleaned up, I could have simply had them throw in jail. Wow.