The Doomed Welfare State, Illustrated

The Welfare State implosion is so obviously approaching and yet politicians still claim that anyone who says welfare or the entitlement state is “unsustainable” is a radical extremist. To paraphrase George Orwell, anyone who does math is a radical extremist.

For those of you wondering about the exact phrase Orwell wrote, I paraphrased two of them:

george orwell two two four

george orwell telling the truth

Recently, Zero Hedge tried to get around the way words are suppressed and denied by pointing out what is happening in a picture.

picture of welfare state

Keep in mind that what this cartoon illustrates isn’t just the result of population pressure and a decline in the birthrate (though demographic winter is huge). Those consequences are magnified by the fact that, for a marginal group, there is a temptation to transfer from the pushers to the riders. Why not? Some of this is “legit” and some is illegal (look up “disability fraud”).

But it makes sense, as people are struggling in a difficult economy, and our government is actively recruiting for more welfare dependents, that more people will be seduced into stop trying to make ends meet by hard work and instead try to get free stuff.

We are not a wise society. Nor are we going to be remembered as compassionate. Our Federal and state governments have programmed millions of people to forget how to survive or prevented them from ever developing the ability to survive.

Perhaps you believe that the civil government is supposed to help the truly needy. Personally, I think a free people in a free economy could do far more, but let’s put that aside for now. If you want to help the needy you need to work at dismantling most of the welfare/entitlement state! The truly needy are themselves being robbed. That sustainable number of people is going to lose everything because of all the others who want a free ride. All these people are going to be harmed in massive ways that were avoidable had they not been coaxed into, and discipled for, dependence.

Politicians who hold temporary office have no incentive to cut benefits from voters. They make their fortunes in the present and will be elsewhere (they think) when the flood comes.