Dr. Ben Carson 2016?

The short answer is no, or at least “not necessarily, and calm down, people.”

What do we know about Dr. Ben Carson?

We know that he has guts. He gave the keynote address a month ago at the National Prayer Breakfast, a 27-minute speech in which he strongly but very tactfully leveled criticism after criticism upon the Obama administration–with President Obama sitting ten feet away. The speech took aim at, among other things, Obamacare, which was notable because Carson is in fact a brain surgeon, and therefore almost as knowledgeable in the medical field as Obama.

We know that Carson acknowledges that America is in a state of moral decay and that, unlike the Democrats, this displeases him.

And we can surmise, based on his speech at CPAC 2013, that he is in favor of equal treatment under the law by advocating for a flat tax.

What is less talked about is his stance on gun control. While on the Glenn Beck program, Carson said that assault-rifle bans can make sense depending on where they are put in place. In a big city, surrounded by lots of people, he seems to support strict gun control.

MSNBC’s single-named token black man, Touré, thinks that conservatives only like Carson because he’s black. This is a new one. Up until, it seems, the minute that Touré said this, the charge had been that conservatives disliked a person for being black. Now we’re being accused of treating people like Democrats do: if someone is black, ignore all his flaws and put him in the White House pronto. (Democrats, of course, have a reason for their forced enthusiasm for dark skin: they’re trying to make up for their having founded the KKK and opposing  the Voting and Civil Rights Acts.)

I think conservatives like Carson because he is a straight-shooter, like Governor Chris Christie, but in a non-abrasive way, unlike Governor Chris Christie.

But there is so little that we know of the man. He has three known good policies–three–and one known bad one. Those three good ones may be the only ones he’s correct on, and that one bad one may be the tip of the iceberg. Jumping on a “Ben Carson for President” bandwagon is not going to do the country any favors.

We should not be getting excited for his potential candidacy in 2016 and signing up to volunteer on his campaign a mere thirty days after his public emergence. It’s completely silly.