Drudge Points out Financial Dealings of Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush is changing his financial dealings to make it easier to run for President.

jeb bush

I think running Jeb Bush as a candidate for the Republican Party is a horrible idea. The only way it could make sense is if he became Hillary Clinton’s running mate. It seems we are capping off sixteen years of Obusha with the candidacy of Jellary.

But it is interesting how, now that Jeb is getting ready to run, he needs to get rid of some embarrassing financial relationships. Drudge links to this story at the L.A. Times: “Jeb Bush eases out of some businesses, such as firm helped by Obamacare.”

…as he considers a run for president in 2016, Bush has begun to unwind some of his financial affairs, apparently to avoid the kind of criticism that hobbled fellow Republican Mitt Romney in his unsuccessful bid for the White House in 2012.

Bush is quitting Tenet Healthcare Corp. — a company that has profited from Obamacare — and is ending a consulting contract with Barclays Bank to focus on his political future. Aides say he also has stopped giving highly paid speeches to focus on traveling America, meeting with potential donors and testing what a friend calls a “visionary” brand of campaigning.

The story goes on to talk about other work including one where Bush may have had something to do with helping investors avoid liability to U.S. taxes. This sort of thing should not bother any American conservative. And there is really nothing intrinsically evil about profiting from the rules of the Affordable Care Act. But, at the same time, if we wonder why Establishment Republicans are so useless at fighting Obamacare, this might reveal part of the problem. It is hard to be opposed to something that contributed to an increase in your net worth.

Also, the relationships that led Jeb to work with Barclays may be quite damaging:

That same year [2007], Bush also was hired as an advisor to Lehman Brothers, the New York investment bank and financial services firm. When Lehman collapsed in bankruptcy in 2008 amid the global financial crisis, Bush shifted to Barclays, the London-based multinational banking and financial services giant that bought Lehman Brothers’ North American divisions.

This connects Bush, with his brother, to the 2008 financial crisis. Is Jeb Bush really meant to win? Or is he really supposed to distract us from Hillary Clinton’s financial corruption and connections to Wall Street? In 2012, Barack Obama’s Wall Street connections were all ignored because Mitt Romney and Bain Capital made an easy target. It is a simple and inaccurate narrative that is constantly used to fool the American people.