Ebola Confirmed in Dallas

Just a couple of weeks ago, the White House was assuring Americans that ebola posed no threat to the United States, even as President Obama dispatched thousands of troops to West Africa to “fight” the disease.

It didn’t take long for that claim to blow up in the Administration’s face.

The Centers for Disease Control confirmed on Tuesday that a patient in a Dallas hospital is the nation’s first recognized case of ebola, and that unnamed others may have been exposed. The patient is listed in critical condition and is in isolation.

And all those liberals who have been pooh-poohing the notion that an invasion of foreigners into this country could bring with them deadly disease outbreaks? They’re suddenly awfully quiet.

On CBS, their health “expert” has begun linking the current outbreak of enterovirus and the new ebola case to “climate change.” You know the liberals at CBS are running scared: “OK, face masks and hand sanitizer for everyone. …”

Officials are being cagey about who the ebola patient is and where he got the disease, but it is known he traveled from Liberia and didn’t visit a doctor until after he’d been in the United States for six days.

CDC officials said the patient didn’t have any symptoms when he arrived in the U.S. but began developing them four days later.

He may have exposed a “handful” of family and other people, the officials said.

Whether that “handful” may in turn have infected other people is anybody’s guess at this point.

Authorities admit the possibility of the illness spreading, but relax, they’ve got it all under control.

CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden said, “It is certainly possible someone who had contact with this individual could develop ebola in the coming weeks. I have no doubt we will stop this in its tracks in the United States.”

Considering that a couple of weeks ago health officials had no doubt that ebola wouldn’t enter this country, and a few months ago were confident that no uncommon tropical viruses brought across the border by immigrants would infect anyone in America, holding your breath for the CDC to prove correct is not recommended at this juncture.

Officials just this morning announced that another person in Dallas is being monitored for signs of ebola infection.

The city of Dallas has been placed on high alert, which essentially means breaking out the rubber gloves and face masks for government agents, while citizens are just told to keep washing their hands.

It might be a good time to make sure your family is well-stocked with water, canned food and other emergency supplies.