Ebola Threat Looms Over Open Border

The Centers for Disease Control hasn’t exactly advertised it, but its Emergency Operations Center is actively involved in trying to contain the health crisis caused by lax border enforcement and the blithe shipping of illegal aliens to communities all around the nation.

While the threat is very real and potentially deadly, the nation’s newspapers and mainstream media outlets for the most part pooh-pooh the dangers. It is one of their primary purposes, after all, to keep the populace calm and unconcerned by the federal government’s doings.

Thus, most of the public probably remains unaware that they and their families may be exposed at any time to a number of infectious diseases or parasites that are not common in the United States.

According to multiple sources, there has been a medical breakdown at the border as thousands of illegal aliens are being processed, shipped and released. Many who should be quarantined are not, and those who are may not be quarantined by anything more containing than yellow police tape around a corner of some gymnasium or warehouse.

In just one example, authorities arrested someone the Associated Press actually described as a transient California man from Mexico — i.e., illegal alien — from a south-of-the-border town known for its drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis.

Eduardo Rosas Cruz, 25, was arrested in Kern County, California, this week after walking away from his quarantine in a Stockton motel room in March, where he was ordered by health officials to stay when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

The original plan was that a health worker would visit him regularly and administer medicine to treat the disease. But Rosas Cruz, being a transient and — surprise, surprise — a drug abuser, decided to go for an extended walk instead. For four months, he seems to have wandered around several California counties, exposing who knows how many people to tuberculosis, a deadly disease that can be spread by coughing.

He was finally arrested during a traffic stop on a warrant and has been charged with a misdemeanor, refusing a tuberculosis order. Technically — and with any luck, no one will tell Rosas Cruz this — health workers in California are prevented from forcing anyone to take medicine for an illness. Putting him into the legal system is a way to be able to keep him isolated.

But there are worse diseases that officials fear may come over the border.

Western Africa is currently experiencing the largest outbreak of ebola virus ever recorded. Doctors Without Borders has issued a statement saying the outbreak is “out of control.” So far, 1,200 people have been infected, including two American health workers. The disease has a record of killing almost 90 percent of its victims.

Ebola is a particularly nasty way to go. Terminal patients usually die when they bleed out from all their orifices, and even their eyes and ears. The disease is spread by physical contact.

Although the CDC officially says there is little threat of ebola reaching the United States, the containment in Western Africa is inadequate. Recently, an ebola-infected man from Liberia boarded a plane and flew to Lagos, Nigeria, the largest city in Africa, with 21 million people.

Despite the CDC’s soothing reassurances that ebola is not a threat in the United States, the National Border Patrol Council and the United Nations have both confirmed that many of the people caught crossing the U.S. border have been aliens from areas of Africa where the ebola outbreak is growing.

A spokesman for the NBPC pointed out that the flood of immigrants into the United States is not just composed of Central Americans. Agents have picked up aliens from Iraq, Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, South Asia, China, Israel and other countries as well. And those are just the ones who have been caught.

The Department of Homeland Security claims it has health screening measures in place, but sources inside the Border Patrol have said that health screenings never occur until after aliens are processed, exposing agents to any diseases the immigrants might have. In many cases, such as happened with several hundred illegal aliens shipped to Port Hueneme in Ventura County, California, the immigrants received no medical treatment until after they had been packed into buses or planes and sent hundreds or thousands of miles to temporary holding facilities from which they are ultimately released into the surrounding communities.

There have been outbreaks of several diseases at processing stations and among Border Patrol agents who then go home at night to their families and neighborhoods, according to NBPC officials.

In the case of the Port Hueneme shipment, the immigrants were taken onto a Navy base that is charged with several vital military missions that include defending the West Coast. Among the immigrants, there were several cases of swine flu and unidentified fevers. The base’s information officers told local media that the cases were few in number, being treated and all was well.

The federal government and its many agencies don’t seem to be leveling with the public. The word from Border Patrol agents — conveyed usually by union officials because the agents themselves have been told by their bosses to keep quiet, and consequently they fear for their jobs — is somewhat different, painting a picture of a number of public health situations being worsened by inadequate federal measures to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

The Obama Administration seems to be dropping the ball and putting the public at risk, all because our president has little or no interest in doing the job he was elected to do.