Economic Idiocy Among Republicans Doesn’t Mean John Boehner Should Support A Minimum Wage Hike

Usually, when the government refuses to do the overwhelming will of voters, it means they are going to ravage the public to bail out billionaires (TARP), or bomb some country to support terrorists (Libya), or raise taxes. However, in this case John Boehner is heroically (no, I’m not accustomed to using that word with him) holding against the tide.

Naturally, the staff at Huffington Post can’t understand this. If Gallup reports that 59 percent of Republicans want a nine dollar minimum wage then Boehner is supposed to get busy and give them what they want.

I agree that politicians should let people decide the minimum wage.

That’s why the minimum wage law should be abolished.

What happens without a minimum wage law? Society agrees on wages. Workers decide that, if they aren’t offered a certain amount, there is no point in taking the job. They can find other ways to survive without that job. Hirers decide that, if they have to pay more than a certain amount, they can’t employ a worker to do a profitable job in the business. The people who decide the minimum (as well as the maximum) level of pay are the people involved in the economic transaction.

What the minimum wage law does is create price inflation and/or unemployment. By demanding that people get paid a higher wage, employers are forced to higher fewer people. Typically, those in privileged positions due to education or family connections benefit at the expense of the more marginal. Those more marginal workers are forever jobless because of minimum wage law. This is a great deal for White liberal college pukes. Most of them will be mildly better off with a minimum wage law. And they will continue to pretend the care about the poor whose jobs they have terminated with their stupid law. They create more misery that they can then leverage to justify laws that supposedly help, but actually create more misery, which then allows them to justify more laws…

These people say they don’t believe anyone who works full time should live in poverty. That’s an interesting belief as arbitrary fantasies go, but a law that pretends Santa Clause exists can’t make Santa Clause exist. And a law that makes poor workers jobless doesn’t help them. Right now the unemployment rate for African American youth is 393 percent higher than the national average. If you want to see it go to five hundred percent, raise it the minimum wage to nine dollars an hour.

Boehner doesn’t want to see unemployment go up for the most marginal people in the economy. He doesn’t want to see a spate of fast food restaurants closing across the county. He doesn’t think economic ignorance on the part of a majority of Republicans means that he should ignore what will happen to them and to others.

But economic illiteracy is practically a matter of pride now. People insist that doing stupid and destructive things to the poor will help them. If you oppose their idiot policies then they claim you don’t care about the poor. People who care about those now earning minimum wage lobby for laws that will throw many of those people out of work.