Ed Markey: The Wrong Choice And Therefore The Right Choice

Yesterday Massachusetts voters decided on the man they wanted to replace Senator John Kerry, who vacated the Senate to move up in the ranks to replace the Secretary of State position vacated by Hillary Clinton. Lot of shifting going on.

The Senate position is a temporary one, to be held for the 17 months before the midterm elections in November 2014. The two choices, Representative Ed Markey, the Democrat, and businessman Gabriel Gomez, the Republican, left much to be desired, in my book.

But, predictably, the voters desired Markey and so they chose him.

I did something stupid two nights before Election Day. My girlfriend lives in Massachusetts and I wanted to remind her to “vote for Gomez on Tuesday!” The stupid thing was that I knew nothing about Gomez other than his business background and that he’s Hispanic.

After getting off the phone, I turned on the TV and Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace was on—and here let me just say, this Wallace guy is like nothing you will ever see on any of the other networks, or even on Fox alone; he actually puts Republicans on the spot when he questions them, just as much as he puts Democrats on the spot. He’s a true journalist, not a sycophant.

Anyway, Wallace happened to be interviewing Gomez that night. As a Republican voter, I was embarrassed by the answers Gomez was giving (or avoiding giving); he dodged, he sounded scripted…it was just awful. And as a conservative, I was disgusted by him. He may be a businessman and former Navy SEAL, but he had clearly picked up very easily how to be a politician. He also stands with Obama on guns, with Senator Marco Rubio on immigration, and with this guy on gay marriage.

Before that interview, I assumed Gomez was a conservative and reminded my girlfriend to vote accordingly. After watching the interview, I regretted saying anything at all.

As I’ve said about the 2016 presidential election, wouldn’t it be better for America in the long run if Democrats took complete control instead of a mixture of Democrats and nominal Republicans? As long Republicans control any part of the government (currently the House, which is only 1/6 of the government), they will be blamed for all of the country’s ills. It of course could be argued that Republicans currently control 1/3 of the government, since the Supreme Court is generally split down the middle. Either way, Democrats are running the show, either by 5/6 or 2/3, and yet Republicans are blamed for everything. Well, if Republicans do not control any part of the government, they can’t be blamed at all.

With complete Democratic control, the country will go downhill a lot faster, but it will do so without any Republicans attached to it. This should cure a lot of people of their media-fed misconceptions about Republicans and usher in a new wave of conservatives to come cleaning up the liberal mess.

Had I lived in Massachusetts, I would have voted for Ed Markey because, one, he represents liberalism, and making people feel the pain of their own liberal vote is the best way to discourage them from voting that way again; and two, because Gabriel Gomez is not a conservative, so he would fail the people of Massachusetts just as much as, though more slowly than, Ed Markey.

So Massachusetts chose what is for now the right choice: the wrong choice.