Educating Teens About Preventing Pregnancy by Promoting Drunken One-Night Stands?

We know by now what kind of self-destructive and anti-social behavior our government is promoting in the name of Obamacare. It is also going on through our “nonprofit sector” (i.e. that loose coalition of ruling class supporters that provide help to government as well as advocacy for government action—often with access to some government money). For example,

“Some birth control methods mix better with booze. As in, you don’t have to think in the heat of the moment. Are you ready to party?” That’s the text to an ad I see multiple times a week on my Facebook News Feed. It’s an ad for “Bedsider,” a campaign from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, which, according to its Facebook tagline, is “here to help you get on top of your sex life.”

So you are going to a party to get smashed and end up having sex under less than controlled conditions. Rather than tell people to avoid such idiocy, we instruct the women to make sure that it is their job to be ready to go have consequence-less sex whenever some guy gets them drunk.

So we’re promoting baby-less sex that may or may not be quite consensual. Or are we supposed to believe that, if the woman has the right birth control, she has thereby provided evidence she permits whatever happens in whatever drunken state she is in? Is this the Liberal version of saying, “She wanted it”?

The above quotation from Bedsider comes from Meg McDonnell’s article, “All Sex All the Time” at the National Review website.

It’s more than a little strange to see this campaign promoting casual sex as a way to prevent unplanned pregnancy. The National Campaign prides itself on bipartisan and inter-religious support and leadership. Oddly enough, its board of directors is chaired by a retired Republican governor (Thomas H. Kean) and includes a Catholic priest (Michael Place) and a conservative author and commentator (Linda Chavez) alongside Planned Parenthood’s vice president of medical affairs (Vanessa Cullins) and a senior fellow at the left-leaning Center for American Progress (Maria Echaveste).

McDonnell suggests that the Campaign might be shifting gears to accommodate Liberals. I guess we’re supposed to see mass resignations from board. We’ll see.

But McDonnell’s article is excellent in showing how the science supports the belief that promoting promiscuity for young women is, even apart from babies, promoting damage to them both emotionally and financially.  It is one worth book marking and saving as a reference.

The idea that the government can both be “values-neutral” and yet address issues that arise from personal decision making about marriage and family, is just a lie to cover for the promotion of male and female sluttery. Since the secular state knows that families are built on ethical norms that originate from religious beliefs (as do all other norms, but secularists are in denial), it can only undermine the family as it addresses any social problems that arise from sex.

And, of course, to the extent that men and women accept the propaganda for promiscuity, no matter what birth control they use, many will wind up pregnant. All the talk about contraceptives (at best!) still ends up needing and promoting abortion as a backup.

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