“Education” – Clarence Thomas and the KKK on Same Team

An AP Test Guide teaches children that correct political analysis teams up Clarence Thomas and the KKK.


Did you know that the Ku Klux Klan and Clarence Thomas hold the same political position on the left-right scale? A Barron’s test preparation book for the AP European history exam teaches student that Clarence Thomas and the KKK belong in the same group based on comparison to the spectrum of political positions that existed at the time of the French Revolution.

The Daily Caller posted pictures from the book that demonstrate the madness.

“Barron’s AP European History” (7th edition) makes the claim, intended for consumption by American high school students, on page 168. The chart attempts to compare modern American political affiliations with the various factions involved in the French Revolution.

The chart moves politically from left to right.

The far right of the chart is labeled “fascist.” The authors demonstrate modern-day “fascists” by pairing “Clarence Thomas and the KKK” in the same box.

Barron’s typifies the far right during the French Revolution with “wealthy people who fled France.”

The far left of the same chart is labeled “Communist.” For the French Revolution, “poor city dwellers” represent the far left. For today’s politics, the authors choose “anarchists.”

clarence thomas kkk

Pushing together Clarence Thomas and the KKK should alert intelligent students that they are being scammed. Of course, it also alerts intelligent students that the education establishment subsists on lies and, if they want to do well, they had better play along.

Many students won’t remember how much trouble Clarence Thomas received for the heresy of believing in the Declaration of Independence—that all men were created equal and endowed with inalienable rights—as part of the legal foundation of the United States. How exactly is that fascism or the philosophy of the KKK?

In fact, the fascists were all left-wing socialists. The term, “Nazi” refers to the National Socialist Party. The Nazis favored use of the guillotine because they identified their movement with the left-wing French revolutionaries. Mussolini was a socialist as well. The difference between them and the Marxists was that the Marxists claimed to be “internationalists” while the Fascists focused on their own nations rather than prioritizing a world-wide socialist revolution. (The focus on race superstitions was a Hitlerian innovation that was not common to all fascism per se. Of course, much of it was shared by the so-called Progressives who also used fascist politics and economics in the New Deal. The only real innovation on Hitlers part was the insistence on anti-Semitism.) Marxists and Fascists were left-wing rivals who both wanted to make themselves the only option for anyone on the Left.

The real tragedy here is that this entire analysis of both the French Revolution and modern politics is not only Liberal propaganda but also a recipe for moronic students. The real political issues of ethics and rights are all covered in a fog of vague platitudes about who is “against change” and who is “in favor of gradual change.”

Change from what? Change to what? This categorization of Clarence Thomas and the KKK is useless on its face since obviously the KKK is an advocate of massive social and political change which both Liberal and Conservatives opposed. Can they be considered “opposed to change” because they want a return to a previous era? But Liberals are constantly hearkening back to the good old days of the Progressive era and decrying the fact that we have left behind those days.

The AP history guide is deliberately teaching students to be confused and dogmatic rather than analytical and teachable. It is a system designed to make the populace open to any fraudster promising “hope and change.”