Education v. Fear: Another Popular Strategy For Attacking Our 2nd Amendment Rights

I have written about how liberals ignore crime and safety facts to promote gun control. Now I want to tackle the way they frame the issue.


Gun Education

You don’t have to be a gun-smith or a military expert to have an education on firearms.  One of the reasons why the military, police, deputies and firearm advocates will dismiss any argument from the Left that starts with “Assault Rifle” is because they have a factual working knowledge of the firearms that are being discussed.  If you use incorrect terminology when making an argument, those who know these differences will never take the argument seriously.

We will start with the Left’s idea of the reviled AR-15.  Contrary to popular opinion, it is not an assault rifle.  The ‘AR’ stands for the company that makes it, Armalite.  It doesn’t stand for Assault Rifle, Angry Republican or American Revolutionary.  It’s a semi-auto capable firearm, which means it’s one shot per trigger squeeze.  It’s not fully automatic.  It’s a civilian issue tactical defense weapon.  That means it was made for civilians to use.  The only tactical advantage above a non-scary looking rifle of equal caliber, is the slightly shorter barrel length and hand grips to help with steady targeting.  It’s not a weapon that’s made to kill a large amount of people all at once.  The weapon is designed to protect an individual.

A true ‘Assault Rifle’ is used by our military.  One such weapon is the M4A1.  Unlike the AR-15 limitation for one round (bullet) per trigger squeeze, the M4A1 is fully automatic.  It can fire up to 950 rounds per minute.  That means any high capacity magazine that can hold 100 rounds will be used up in just ten seconds.  It can produce a withering stream of brass jacketed death with little effort.  No human finger can fire that fast by itself in a semi-automatic weapon.  If the shooter conditions his trigger finger so it won’t tire out or get sore in a one minute window of time, you’re looking at 60 to 70 rounds at best.  Now compare the data.  The 60 to 70 bullets shot out in one minute (AR-15) versus 950 bullets sprayed out (M4A1) in about ten seconds.  Which one is actually an assault rifle?  Which one is designed to kill a large amount of enemy targets?  Certainly not the AR-15, or any other variation of a semi-automatic firearm.

Now you know why that every time anybody on the Left writes or talks about the AR-15 as an assault rifle, their efforts earn nothing but contempt for those who know better.  No matter how good the Politician is in delivering that message, the people they’re trying to reach will immediately label the speaker as an uneducated individual who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.  What may surprise you, is the fact that there are a number of pundits, politicians and other talking-heads, who actually know the differences.  Which leads us into our final segment.


Scaring Americans

The blatant scare tactics used by Leftist Politicians and other major media outlets is phenomenal, to say the least.  Let me give you an excellent example of why it’s important to be educated in any cause you’re going to champion, regardless on which side of the fence you’re arguing against.

I’d like to briefly introduce you to a chemical compound known as dihydrogen monoxide.  This is a common chemical compound that is corrosive enough to render metal into flakes.  It can turn stone into sand.  Yet it’s so common, innocent children in schools all across America are exposed to it every single day.  Here is a website that is devoted to exposing this dangerous chemical compound: there.  Read up.  Everything reported on that site is 100% factual about dihydrogen monoxide.  Scroll down to the area where they talk about how it affects school children, even athletes.

Now that you know a little about it, lets learn a touch more about a politically unbiased subject known as Chemistry.  Dihydrogen is the chemical representation of two atoms of hydrogen.  Monoxide is the chemical representation of a single atom of oxygen.  Put together, dihydrogen monoxide is also chemically written as H2O.  Yes.  That’s water!  That DHMO website was written as an exercise in critical thinking by Tom Way.  Nothing there is untrue about water, but it is formatted in a manner the Left uses to create public fear.  People have been known to sign petitions to ban dihydrogen monoxide (water) because they simply didn’t know what was truly being discussed.  If it sounds scary, it must be bad, thus it must be banned.


The Truth

Americans must stop electing Politicians with Leftist agendas that uses such scare tactics to influence our thinking machinery.  Start paying attention to the truth by self educating about firearms, going to unbiased sources of knowledge and doing real homework on the subject.  Before anyone considers a course of action that will change our society, they should always work hard to verify a resource for its academic accuracy, one that’s not based in a language that is designed to manipulate an agenda, such as the DHMO website clearly demonstrates.

Once you’re fully informed about firearms, then you can feel positive that the stance you take isn’t based on second-hand information, or leveraging scare tactics designed to distract away from the actual truth.  Know the facts, research the details and the actual terminology, and then cast your vote.  The best decision is always an educated decision, which is something nobody should argue against.