Egyptian Protesters Demanding Ouster of Obama’s Buddy Morsi

On October 14, 1981, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was assassinated after nearly 30 years as the country’s third president.  Vice President Hosni Mubarak was sworn in as the fourth president of land of pyramids.  Mubarak ruled Egypt with a strong iron hand.  Many considered him to be more of a dictator than a president.  He was charged with a number of human rights violations.

In 2010, the movement to oust Mubarak gained strength both within Egypt and from the international community.  President Obama committed billions of dollars and military aid to the Egyptian rebels, much like he is about to do in Syria.  With the help of the US, Mubarak was forced out of office on February 11, 2011.

It only took a short time for the extreme Islamic group known as the Muslim Brotherhood to take control of Egypt.  The Muslim Brotherhood was so radical and dangerous that even Mubarak outlawed them from being active in Egyptian politics.  But Obama proved his loyalty to his Muslim faith by fully supporting the radical takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood.  He has continued to provide them with billions of dollars in money and military aid, even though they publicly state that the US is an enemy that must be battled.

The Egyptian presidency was claimed by Mohamed Morsi after a year of political wrestling between the Muslim Brotherhood and other political factions in the country.  Within months of assuming official position as the fifth president of Egypt on June 30, 2012, Morsi announced his desires to establish an Islamic Caliphate with himself as the supreme leader.

Morsi has established himself as more of a dictator than his predecessor and is guilty of more human rights violations than his predecessor.  Morsi has launched a war on the country’s Coptic Christians that once made up 10% of the total population.  He enacted laws that force everyone in Egypt to convert to Islam, pay a very heavy tax for not being a Muslim or leave the country.  Yet, his troops and police continually attack Christians in their homes, on the streets and in their churches.  Churches are being burned down as are some of their homes.  Christians are being beaten, tortured, raped, burned and killed.

Obama helped oust Mubarak because of human rights violations, but in only a year, Morsi has proven far worse than Mubarak ever was.  Yet, against the will of Congress and many Americans, President Barack Hussein Obama continues to support Morsi and his dictatorship.

On Sunday, thousands of Egyptians gathered in city squares to protest the government of Morsi and demand for his ouster.  The anti-Morsi protesters are made up by moderate Muslims, Christians, secular and liberal Egyptian groups.  They all are turning against the Islamic extremists in power.  On Saturday, they claimed to have 22 million signatures of Egyptians calling for the removal of Morsi.  If those signatures stand, it would be nearly twice as many people as voted for Morsi in last year’s election.

Coinciding with the announcement of the 22 million signatures, 8 members of Egypt’s 270 seat parliament announced their resignations in protest of Morsi’s government.

Some violence has started to breakout as the unrest tried to gather momentum.  As news of the protests and clashes leaked out of the country, Morsi told the British news:

“If we changed someone in office who (was elected) according to constitutional legitimacy – well, there will (be) people or opponents opposing the new president too, and a week or a month later, they will ask him to step down.”

“There is no room for any talk against this constitutional legitimacy.”

Although Morsi believes he is in complete control, others in his cabinet disagree.  Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, Egypt’s Minister of Defense gave Morsi and those who oppose him a week resolve their differences and reach a compromise.  He told them that if such a compromise is not reached, that the military would intervene in order to prevent Egypt from entering what he referred to as a dark tunnel.  Morsi responded by saying that he did not believe that the army would intervene.

It seems that in only a year’s time, Obama’s Muslim buddy, Mohamed Morsi’s strict Islamic government is already starting to crumble around him.  Now if only President Barack Obama’s tyrannical Islamic government would do the same and crumble around him, causing him to fall from power.  We can only hope and pray.