Elected Official Wants Gun Owners’ Homes Raided

There’s a good reason that background checks and gun registration laws are bad ideas, and that reason’s name is Swampscott, Massachusetts Selectman Barry Greenfield.

Greenfield is one of those little tyrants who apparently believes that government exists to keep you in line.

He recently came out in favor of a measure that would allow law enforcement to come snooping around the homes of legal gun owners any time they please.

It’s all in the public interest, naturally. Greenfield said that Massachusetts law requires gun owners to keep their weapons inoperable and out of reach behind a lock — which pretty much nullifies the point of having a gun in the first place.

According to Greenfield, there are over 600 registered gun owners in Swampscott, and he wants police to be able to drop in on any of them, anytime, unannounced and without a warrant to check to see if those nasty guns are locked up (presumably so that you can’t use them against warrantless, jack-booted thugs).

It’s all about the children.

According to Greenfield, media-touted school shootings  across the country have involved children who took guns from their parents, so to his thinking, the way to head that sort of behavior off at the pass is to enforce the state law that makes guns useless.

Since teaching children about gun safety is out of the question for liberals of all persuasions, Greenfield jumps directly to the violation of civil rights.

“We need the ability to enforce the state law,” Greenfield said.

Since the state law is already an infringement of people’s rights to defend themselves, I’m going to say no you don’t.

What government, from local to federal, needs is to trust its own citizens to make decisions for themselves about how to defend their families, persons and homes.

What it needs to do is its job of defending our God-given rights, not finding lame excuses to trample them.