Ellen Page Ignores Christians Fired, Fined, and Banned for Not Obeying Homosexual Dogma

Headlines pretend Ellen Page is speaking for the oppressed when she is actually the oppressor.

Yeah, Ellen Page is soooo heroic. As CBS News tells us, “Actress Ellen Page takes on Ted Cruz over LGBT rights.”

I’ve never heard Ted Cruz calling for LGBT people to lose their First Amendment rights due to their sexual practices, so what is she talking about? If Page is the typical disarmament zealot that Hollywood Leftists tend to be (I don’t know yet), then Ted Cruz is the champion of LGBT rights and Page is the enemy of the right to bear arms. We can go through the entire Bill of Rights. When has Ted Cruz opposed any of them?

We have to go a few paragraphs down in the story before we get to anything concrete.

“In a lot of states, LGBT people can be fired for just being gay or just being trans, [and] that’s totally legal. I mean how do you feel about that? That just doesn’t sound very American to me,” Page argued.

(In news stories of this sort, the word “argued” is often used as if it means “announced.”)

Pretty funny sense of outrage there, Page.

Some of us thought it didn’t sound very American that the CEO and Founder of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, was run out of the company he started because he donated to a political campaign that supported the stated position, at the time (though he was lying), of Barack Obama.

So a man got fired for his political contribution and for believing that marriage is a relationship that only exists between a man and a woman.

The difference between Eich’s defenders and Page is that, even though Eich’s defenders thought what happened to him was cruel and unfair, they never suggested using government power to compel people to take him back as their CEO. They understand the difference between sins and crimes and don’t expect fairness to be forced on people, even when it costs a Christian his job. Freedom of association however, “just doesn’t sound very American” to Page. She is an instinctive totalitarian. She has no understanding of what was exceptional about America, and if it ever dawns on her, she will probably recoil from it.

(Revisionism on the nature and origins of America seem all too common on the Left.)

But it has gone far beyond the prejudices of Liberals in the market place. Government is actively working to destroy business establishments for no other reason than the CEO holding to “heretical” doctrines about marriage as if it is a word that is meant to apply exclusively to heterosexual relationships. Right now, a city council is prepared to destroy a Chick-fil-A franchise for no other reason.

So while Page frets over pretend “rights” to second guess why people don’t want to hire you, she pretends real rights aren’t being trampled underfoot.

If Page was bold enough with herself and us to be completely honest, I think she could defend herself from the charge of hypocrisy. She believes in human rights. If she doesn’t object to Christians being hounded out of business and into bankruptcy by the government, the answer is easy to deduce. She doesn’t believe traditional Christians are fully human. They have no rights to worry about.

Ascribe that belief to Leftists and all their behavior makes sense. It is just like their refusal to admit a fetus is also a baby. We are all just abortions to them.