Ending Equality for Women: Transgender Sports

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association is about to vote on the “most inclusive” transgender sports guidelines ever.

Since we already have a hunk of transgender womanhood hospitalizing females in the MMA, and the Armed Forces is about to open the floodgates, of course it is time to institute transgender sports. Victor Skinner at EAGnews.com writes, “New York mulls ‘most inclusive’ transgender student athlete rules in nation.”

Officials with the New York State Public High School Athletic Association are expected to adopt new guidelines for transgender student athletes, though schools won’t be required to follow them.

“This is to provide guidance to our members,” NYSPHSAA executive director Robrt Zayas told the Democrat & Chronicle. “This is by no means a mandated requirement.”

The association’s Central Committee will vote in Tarrytown July 28-30 when they’re expected to vote on some of the “most inclusive” draft guidelines for transgender students in the nation. Currently 37 states have transgender policies for student athletes, though the policies vary significantly, according to TransAthlete.com.

The New York guidelines would require no more than a note from a parent or medical professional as proof of a student’s gender identity.

The procedure would go like this: A student and parent notifies the superintendent that they want to play sports for the gender they identify as, rather than their birth gender. School officials determine if the student is eligible as if they were the opposite sex.

“The superintendent will confirm the gender identity asserted for the purpose of trying out for an interscholastic sports team through documentation from the parent, guardian, guidance counselor, or from a doctor, psychologist or other medical professional,” according to the proposal.

Once the student is determined to be eligible as the opposite sex, “the eligibility is granted for the duration of the student’s participation in interscholastic athletics.

I’m glad it is not mandated, yet, but that is exactly what will happen unless there is grassroots resistance.

Skinner writes about the fact that the guidelines don’t do anything to address student safety. It is a valid concern.

end of girlsports

But the first thing that comes to my mind is that this is basically the abolition of women’s sports. The entire point of having women’s sports is to allow women to play sports. This would not be possible if men and women were competing against one another. In the majority of cases, the men would win. In team sports, most women would be a liability. The only way to grant women equal access to sports is to let them have their own sports competitions and teams.

So now transgender women (men)—who are not necessarily even taking hormones or have any surgical alterations will get to play on the women’s team.

This seems like a good idea to people in power in our culture.

And the safety issue is real:

The policy does not address what parents are concerned about most, which is the safety of their children. A raging debate in Minnesota last year largely centered on young teen girls sharing showers with young teen boys who say they’re girls.

Ads opposing the Minnesota State High School League’s policy for transgender student athletes featured a bummed out female softball player and posed some important questions: “The end of girls’ sports?” the ads read. “Her dreams of a scholarship shattered, your 14-year-old daughter just lost her position on an all-girl team to a male … and now she may have to shower with him.

“Are you willing to let that happen?”

Minnesota officials eventually approved a transgender policy requiring schools to allow students of the opposite sex to use shower, restroom and locker facilities with their teammates. The state’s lawmakers have since entertained the idea of repealing the new rules, TwinCities.com reports.

But they haven’t done that yet. Why not? And even if they do, one perverted judge can overrule them.

The Supreme Court will be shoving this insanity down our throats sooner than you think!