Not Enough Votes For “Immigration Reform” Yet, But Paul Ryan Is Working Hard To Get Them

I have never thought of an amendment to the Constitution before, but now I have one in mind. I wish either a petition of citizens, or a number of state government resolutions could force Congress to vote on an issue immediately. After they voted, if the measure did not pass, the body would be forbidden from revisiting the issue for a decade unless they had a seventy-five percent majority in Congress in favor of voting again. The way our system works now, there are laws that everyone knows the majority opposes, and a few powerful people have all the time they want to “work on” the no-votes to get enough of them to switch sides.

Of course those powerful people usually work through some useful and dutiful politician. Thus, Paul Ryan is “working” on getting votes for “immigration reform”

From Roll Call:

House Budget Chairman Paul D. Ryan told his local newspaper that Republican leaders do not have the votes yet to pass a rewrite of the nation’s immigration system.

“We don’t have the votes right now,” the Wisconsin Republican told his local newspaper, the Janesville Gazette, in an interview Monday. “Right now, we’re working hard to find where that consensus lies.” Ryan said both the right and left are holding up an overhaul.

A poll of House Republican offices by CQ Roll Call found that just 18 members, including Ryan, publicly support the immigration principles Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio released in January.

In other words, Ryan is “working hard” to find what bribes will get GOP Congressmen to change their minds.

In my opinion, the Republicans in Congress who keep harping on “Immigration Reform” are showing the same contempt for average Republican voters that the Senate Democrats showed by their talkfest on Global Warming. The average GOP voter is facing tremendous difficulties in this economy. Ryan and others are concentrating on an issue that, at the least, the Republican voters don’t care about, and that they are probably opposed to.

Again, why now? Why not wait until after 2014 when you can write a completely Republican law and then, either negotiate with the President (from a position of strength) or else simply wait until 2016.

What is the rush?