Environmentalists Don’t Know When They Are Being Mocked

Senator Jim Inhofe mocks Global Warming with a snowball but environmentalists think that is his argument.

global warming v models

I may be guilty of being far too naïve to say that environmentalists don’t know it. Another possibility is that they know the distinction full well and are just lying about it.

Either way, Senator Inhofe mocked environmentalists with a snowball and the media has pretended that he was using the snow as an argument. Thus, Newser.com: “Senator Hurls Snowball to Disprove Climate Change.” And then the subheading: “INHOFE SUCCESSFULLY PROVES THAT SNOW EXISTS.” Thus also, The Hill’s URL: “http://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/234026-sen-inhofe-throws-snowball-to-disprove-climate-change.” The Headline itself may have said the same thing originally. I can’t be positive but I think someone got shamed into cutting off the last four words: “Inhofe hurls snowball on Senate floor.”

But whether or not the headline was cut, the lead paragraph makes the same self-serving and propagandistic claim:

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) threw a snowball on the Senate floor Thursday in an effort to disprove what he sees as alarmist conclusions about man-made climate change.

Hahahaha! What a rube, we are supposed to believe.

Inhofe may or may not be a smart man. I don’t care about that. But he was plainly mocking climate change believers, something they richly deserve. He was also mocking the idea that 2014 was the warmest year ever in recorded history, a claim that was quietly retracted only about a week after it was blared in headlines as unquestionable scientific fact.

Think about the head-aching dishonesty here. Inhofe denies global warming and throws a snowball and he gets mocking, meaning-twisting headlines. The head of the EPA claims not only that 2014 was the warmest on record, but that Aspen, Colorado, is in danger of becoming like Amarillo, Texas, in terms of snow fall—a claim that is not remotely warranted even by the questionable science of global warming advocates.

So were those claims all over the internet and the newspaper headlines, mocking her for her absurd remarks? No. It was all given a pass.

In fact, Newser.com actually pushed back on the denial that 2014 was the warmest recorded year. Quoting from the Establishment lapdog, the Washington Post: “one snowball doesn’t change the fact that 2014 was indeed the warmest year on record, according to NASA and the NOAA.”

That is because NASA and NOAA are establishment priests for environmentalist and statist religion. The Hill actually published an excellent piece reviewing the science and showing the problems with the claim. But that was merely at their “blog” and they are ignoring it in most of their subsequent stories.

To repeat: claiming that Aspen will turn into Amarillo is fine with the media, but Inhofe using a snowball is attacked. The media is worthless.