Environmentalists Are Wrong: We Don’t Breathe Out Death to the Planet

From Roy W. Spencer’s blog: “Greening of Planet Earth: A Little Crowdsourcing Project.”

It has been documented that global warming has been accompanied by a general greening of land areas in recent decades, especially those which are semi-arid. While some areas of greening might be attributable to increased rainfall, carbon dioxide fertilization and longer growing seasons are also involved.

The satellite studies have been based upon visible sensor data that measures greenness. Here’s the result of one recent study, which tried to just isolate the greening from CO2 fertilization (click image for full res version):

greening earth

Barack Obama and the Eco-religionists want to cut atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, yet this shows that carbon dioxide has helped literally green up the earth. It has made the world greener, produced more plants, more food, and thus sustains more people.

Ahh, there’s the rub. The Eco-religionists hate humans, and want their numbers drastically reduced (which makes sense for committed socialists, because their system can’t sustain many people!).

For those of us who believe people are made in the image of God—and therefore creative, valuable, and to be loved—carbon dioxide is not a bad thing at all.