EPA Also Targeted Conservative Groups

This past week the news of the IRS scandal seemed to override every other topic.  The IRS was caught purposely targeting at least 500 conservative groups who had applied for non-profit status.  They also targeted powerful and wealthy Republicans who donated to the Romney campaign by auditing them without proper cause.  There are also allegations that the IRS targeted at least 2 pro-life groups as well.

The IRS scandal erupted right in the height of the Benghazi scandal that is still on going.  Evidence collected so far implicates lies and cover ups by the White House, State Department and the Defense Department.  The similarities with President Nixon’s Watergate scandal has led a number of people to label this scandal as Benghazigate.

Let’s not forget that the Operation Fast and Furious scandal is also still ongoing and implicates top officials at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Justice Department and possibly the White House.

The fraudulent birth certificate scandal is also still alive and well in a case to be heard by the Alabama Supreme Court and Chief Justice Roy Moore.  Not only is there strong evidence that the official White House released birth certificates are fraudulent, but that Obama’s Selective Service Registration Card is also a fraud.  There is also suspicion concerning his Social Security Number.  His number is one that is assigned to Connecticut, but there is no evidence that Obama ever lived there when the number was issued.

If all of these scandals aren’t enough, let’s add another one to what I hope is Obama’s funeral pyre.  Not only was the IRS targeting conservatives and patriotic Americans, it appears that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was also targeting conservative groups.

In a statement released by Senators Jim Inhofe (R-OK), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), David Vitter (R-LA) and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the EPA is accused of treating conservative groups differently than how they treated liberal environmental groups:

“According to documents obtained by the Committees, EPA readily granted FOIA fee waivers for environmental allies, effectively subsidizing them, while denying fee waivers and making the FOIA process more difficult for states and conservative groups.”

The committee of legislators obtained information that indicated that since January 2012, 21 of 26 requests for Freedom of Information Act fee waivers from conservative groups were denied.  During the same period 75 of 82 FOIA fee waiver requests from environmental groups that shared many of the same agendas of the current administration were approved.  The committee addressed these disproportions saying:

“The startling disparity in treatment strongly suggests EPA’s actions are possibly part of a broader effort to collude with groups that share the agency’s political agenda and discriminate against states and conservative organizations.  This is a clear abuse of discretion.”

Sen. Vitter compared the EPA dealings with those of the IRS, saying:

“We know the Obama EPA has completely mismanaged FOIA, but granting fee waivers for their friends in the far-left environmental community, while simultaneously blocking conservative leaning groups from gaining access to information is really no different than the IRS disaster.”

Perhaps it’s time to start asking if there are any of Obama’s departments or agencies that are not involved in any illegal dealings.  It might be easier to count them than the growing list of those involved in the various scandals.

Obama came out of Chicago politics and the Chicago mayor’s office has a long history of corruption and illegal actions.  It seems he was well trained before usurping his presidential throne.