EPA Finally Decides Industrial Waste Byproduct is Bad For Us

What’s not to love about the Environmental “Protection” Agency? In the late 40s they started dosing our municipal water supplies with fluoride, an industrial waste product and known toxin, because some people in white lab coats said that would be good for our teeth. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that aluminum industries had piles of the stuff accumulating.

The EPA claims that new studies indicate that fluoride, rather than promoting dental health, actually causes streaking, pitting, and stripping of teeth enamel as well as a higher risk of cancer and bone loss. But these studies are not new. This is common sense, people. Fluoride is a main ingredient in rat and cockroach poison and sarin nerve gas. It’s toxic. The fact that the EPA has been conducting this municipal water experiment for more than sixty years with the full knowledge of these facts is more than disturbing. What’s worse, the CDC has gloated that the successful fluoridation of American water supplies is “one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century.” Oops.

I’m sure the CDC, the EPA, and the FDA for that matter, had perfectly good reasons for coming into existence. It’s important that the civil government protect innocent people from powerful and irresponsible organizations that would threaten the public health. But what happens when the government organizations themselves begin to threaten the public health? Where do you turn then? From genetically modified food to the obesity-promoting food pyramid to experimental medication to heavy metal stabilizers in vaccines… The fluoride reversal is just the first of many probable reversals to come. And this is not a case of honest people making honest mistakes… of people doing the best they can with the information they’re given. The problem is that these agencies haven’t taken into account all the available evidence (which has been mounting for more than sixty years) and they have the power to mandate that their medical opinions, no matter how tenuous, be the prevailing force in deciding public and private health policy.

And what are they supposed to say when they find out that what they have been all but forcing the average person to ingest daily is actually killing them… Sorry? And who is most likely to have suffered from the EPA’s delinquency? Surely not those people who can afford shower filters and bottled spring water. The people who have suffered most are the poor. And once ObamaCare forces “alternative” medicine even more into the periphery, we might all be completely reliant on the civil government’s obviously flawed medical perspective. But take heart. They’re not going to be filing us into gas chambers or anything. They’ll just give us a glass of city water.