EPA “Loses” Text Messages

Federal corruption knows no bounds… and… why not? There is no risk to the bureaucracy if the EPA loses text messages. Congress is clueless, spineless, and gutless… so just watch how many criminals come crawling out of the woodwork in offices across DC.

From the Washington Times: “‘Doing an IRS’? EPA can’t find top official’s text messages.”

The EPA is poised to “do an IRS” — similar to what the tax agency had to do with dismissed top official Lois G. Lerner — and officially notify the National Archives that it may have lost key electronic records, according to a think tank that’s suing to get text messages under an open-records request.

Justice Department lawyers told a federal court on Tuesday that the alert will be coming soon, in a case that’s shaping up as a significant battle over whether government agencies are required to keep cellphone text messages as “official” records.

In this case, researcher Chris Horner and the Competitive Enterprise Institute are trying to get a peek at Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy’s text messages, believing that she switched from emails to texting in order to talk about the agency’s controversial plans to crack down on coal power plants.

“Here we see EPA agreeing to the court to ‘do an IRS,’” Mr. Horner said.

An EPA spokeswoman said agency officials have acknowledged to the court and to the National Archives that the agency doesn’t have the text messages, but they contend the messages never had to be stored in the first place, since they were personal in nature and aren’t required to be preserved under open-records laws, nor turned over under the Freedom of Information Act.

“EPA is not aware of any evidence that federal records have been unlawfully destroyed,” said Liz Purchia, the EPA spokeswoman.

 Look at the picture below. It is the picture that accompanies the link when you share the above article on Facebook. Who are they laughing at?


They are laughing at the taxpayers, who get abused by the agency’s meddling and nonsense, and who are forced to pay their oversized salaries and benefits. What’s not to like, if you’re a Federal crook?

Here’s the solution for Congress if they ever use their power over the purse:

  1. Close down the IRS,
  2. Close down the EPA, or
  3. Don’t expect citizens to obey your “laws” and “rules” either.