EPA Recruits Scientists To Help It “Take Action” That “Meets The Needs Of This President.”

science is settled gore

Sometimes people can’t really lie well enough to keep us from glimpsing the truth coiled down at the bottom of the hole they are digging.

In this instance, Gina McCarthy had the delicate job at a climate change conference, 1) to treat scientists as if they were authorities that she respected, and 2) to let them know what they had better say if they wanted the support and thanks of a powerful Federal agency—her employer, the Environmental Protection Agency. As an administrator at the EPA, Gina was at the conference as a kind of recruiter.

Thus, she said, as reported (with video) by CNS News:

Scientists, you folks help us understand our world. You help EPA to meet our mission of public health protection and environmental protection. I need you now more than ever to speak the truth. “I need you to stand up together with us and explain what the science is telling you. To tell people that science and technology improvements will allow us to take action moving forward that meets the needs of this president as he has charged EPA, which is to look at climate change as something where we can innovate and we can move forward to grow the economy, to grow jobs, to understand how we’re producing sustainable, livable communities.

That is almost a direct statement telling the audience to make the President happy. That’s your job scientists.

We have seen this happen already. We have seen an EPA official refuse to answer questions before Congress about alleged global warming because it might contradict some stupid thing Obama said in a speech. We know there is evidence that the EPA is selective about the scientists it chooses to listen to.

But Gina may have something more specific in mind. Notice what she asked from her audience of scientists: “To tell people that science and technology improvements will allow us to take action…

People naively think that global walarmists and Skeptics are always opposed, or that all global walarmists always agree (yes, I made up a word). But that is not the case. There are some GW-alarmists and some GW-skeptics who agree on some points. Specifically, they agree that the “carbon capture” technology is not actually going to work to prevent carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. The EPA, however, has insisted that the technology works, is ready, and can be required for various electric power generating facilities. Like the TSA saddling taxpayers with humiliating nudie scanners that couldn’t detect weapons, the EPA may be saddling the power industry with investing in a technology that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

So Gina needs to make sure the scientists understand who’s in charge–what kind of “truth” will be accepted and what kind will be marginalized.

Wag the dog.