Eric Erickson’s Defense Of Chris Christie Should Make Us Want Reduced Government Everywhere

Yesterday Eric Erickson, editor of, offered a defense of Chris Christie on the Fox News website over the partial bridge closing, before launching into some criticisms of him.

Frankly , this is routine hardball politics that Republicans and Democrats alike engage in at the local level. Heck, the former mayor of Philadelphia once stopped paving sidewalks in front of people’s houses if they did not support him. 

In other areas, trash collection mysteriously stops. 

As a formerly elected municipal official, I can tell you first hand that local politics is far dirtier than national politics. This is just a taste of it.

I believe Erickson, but I don’t think this helps me absolve Christie one bit. Basically, Erickson is telling us that many people, a majority even, who get into politics, are unethical power seekers. They ‘re just criminals.

Christie’s aide, partially closing a bridge, jamming traffic, delaying emergency services, joking about school children trapped on busses, possibly causing death due to delayed emergency services, is typical of state politicians whether they are Republicans or Democrats. That is Erickson’s claim.

What else do you need to hear to make you hate all politicians in general, of either party, unless they prove themselves to be exceptional?

Another question: Why do we, as a society, give these sociopaths power over us by providing them with positions of authority to gain? Can’t we simply allow home-owners to hire someone to deal with their trash rather than make it a government service? Sidewalks would be more difficult to depoliticize and privatize, but it should be considered.

People claim that there are some services that the government can do “more efficiently” than private individuals. That may be true. But what about the risk we take in creating positions of power for politicians? I don’t think that liability is ever properly weighed.

I find Erickson’s statement about local politics being “dirtier” than national politics credible and sad. In the Bible, God promises to promote those to great things who first prove themselves faithful in small things. People who practice dirty politics locally should never be permitted to go higher.

Erickson’s own criticism of Christie is well worth reading.

Erickson sees the media turning on Christie because they want Hillary Clinton to win. I disagree. I think the media will be disappointed if Christie can’t win the GOP nomination because they are sure (as I am) that Clinton would destroy Christie. They are covering this scandal simply because they have to do so. It is too newsworthy to ignore. While this does reflect their double standard and their liberal bias–they don’t feel any compulsion to cover Obama’s closing down of private businesses during the government “shutdown” or the IRS scandal–I suspect many of them are hoping he will still be the Republican candidate.