Eric Holder Rolls Over Congress . . . Again

Eric Holder, like the rest of Obama’s administration, prefers to communicate in writing when on the record. He crafts statements, attempting to weasel out of criminal actions, once he’s been caught. He was at it again, Thursday, before the House Judiciary Committee.

Holder, no slouch when it comes to deceit and bending the law, stated that the investigation against FOX reporter James Rosen was “appropriate” and that the Committee “might have misinterpreted (his) remarks.” Ain’t that always the way?

Whenever Obama or anyone in his regime is caught committing a questionable act, then lying about it, their actions and comments are constantly “misinterpreted.”One would think they’d have figured out how to communicate with the dunces in Congress after almost five years of experience but, no.

What is really going on is that liberals always squirm like worms on hooks, changing stories and seeking to escape their own culpability. The method of choice is to deflect attention to a small, irrelevant point. And Congress always lets them get away with it. Letters help to slow things down. Congress complains. But they keep allowing it.

Holder’s new letter follows the House Judiciary Committee’s dissatisfaction with his previous letter. Holder apparently did not answer questions asked of him. So, of course, Holder sends Congress another letter. The Politico reports, in an excerpt from the new letter:

“I do not agree that characterizations establishing probable cause for a search warrant for materials from a member of the news media during an ongoing investigation constitute an intent to prosecute that member of the news media. I do believe that a thorough investigation of the disclosure of classified information that threatened national security was necessary and appropriate…”

“I do not agree,” “I do believe.”

Squirming, Holder states that he was not fibbing to Congress; he never intended to prosecute Rosen (we have his word on that). Holder accused Rosen of co-conspiracy merely to establish probable cause so that a judge would grant a search warrant. He signed off on the order. If he didn’t lie to Congress, he lied to the judge. Unless he is being misinterpreted again.

Politico reports that Holder graciously agreed to meet with the Judiciary Committee’s leaders but said that “due to ongoing investigations, [he] would not testify again and he could not provide any more detail to Congress.” If not him, who? Congress responded. Crime subcommittee Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and Congressman Goodlatte (R-VA) thanked Holder for his answers but found some of his comments “troubling.”

“Department of Justice regulations do not explicitly cover the procedures for gathering emails belonging to members of the media and the department’s interpretation of the Privacy Protection Act of 1980. We intend to discuss both of these matters with Mr. Holder when he comes to Capitol Hill in the coming days to meet with us…”

A meeting isn’t testimony.

Holder sings, Congress dances. Congress has rolled over, once again. Holder and the rest of the jackals can feast on them at will. This means they can feast on us.