Eric Holder to Add Fraud to His Other Crimes?

The Attorney General of the United States is supposed to be the top cop in the nation as he/she runs the Justice Department.  One would expect that person to be above reproach and one who upholds every aspect of the law.  In all essence, the AG is the model law abiding citizen in the US.

Then Eric Holder took over!

I’m not sure I can accurately list all of the crimes that Holder is guilty of since becoming American’s top cop, but I’ll just mention a few for starters.

We could start with his dropping of all charges against two members of the New Black Panthers who were filmed in the act of intimidating voters into voting for Barack Obama in the 2008 election.  With eye witness statements and their actions caught on video, Holder orders the charges dropped and the two men released.

Then there is his willful failure to not enforce federal law.  Before the US Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, Holder instructed Justice Department personnel to stop enforcing the federal law.

Operation Fast and Furious is another good one.  Holder denies prior knowledge of what took place even though documentation clearly indicates that he knew.  His department was also responsible for the illegal trafficking of firearms and selling to known criminals and members of the Mexican drug cartels.  When he was caught, he intentionally withheld information from a congressional investigation, committed perjury while testifying before Congress and intentionally ignoring a congressional subpoena.

When the state of Florida went to purge their voting records of dead people and non-citizens, Holder issued a stop order to prevent the state from doing what it is legally obligated to do on a regular basis.  It was obvious that Holder was trying to use his power to bully a state from preventing voter fraud.

Speaking of voter fraud, how many times did Holder prevent states from enacting anti-voter fraud laws to help ensure more accurate and legitimate elections?  Not long ago, the Supreme Court struck down part of the voter protection laws that Holder was wrongfully using to bully states from preventing Democrats to vote illegally.

Holder also stopped some federal immigration laws from being fully enforced. Instead of prosecuting all cases of detained illegals, he chose to only prosecute those with known criminal records or who had been charged with committing ‘significant’ crimes.  Just like Defense of Marriage Act, Obama and Holder bypassed Congress and the US Constitution and decided what laws they would and would not enforce.  What do you think would happen to any of us if we had that attitude?

The list keeps going and going and I’m sure you can think of a dozen more to add to that list.  Now, WND is reporting the possibility of fraud charges against Holder.  It all starts with real estate developer Tim Blixseth and the Yellowstone Club.  The club was a golf and ski resort in Montana that was involved with a fraudulent loan from Credit Suisse, followed by a bankruptcy, lawsuit and let’s not forget the more than $1 million raised for Hilary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.  If you want more details, you can read them on the WND website.

Without trying to make this sound more complicated than it really is, Holder and Lanny Breuer were both partners at the international law firm Covington and Burling before their current positions in the Justice Department.  It just so happens that Credit Suisse is a client of Covington and Burling.  After Holder became the US Attorney General and Breuer became the US Assistant Attorney General over the Criminal Division, they reportedly intervened to stop some of the federal prosecutions between the Yellowstone Club and Credit Suisse.

On July 10 of this year, Judge Bruce A. Markell dismissed a bankruptcy judgment against Tim Blixseth.  The ruling has significant overtones to the extent that it stopped the campaign of former Montana Governor Brian Schwietzer (D) who was going to run for the US Senate.  The implications of fraud and possible obstruction of justice could directly impact Holder, Breuer, several others in the Justice Department and top Democrats as well as a major contributor to Hilary Clinton’s 2008 campaign.

By the time Eric Holder is removed or steps down from being America’s top cop, it might be easier to list all of the laws that he hasn’t violated or not enforced.  I would label him as the nation’s top crook, but there can be no doubt that title goes to Barack Hussein Obama.  Between the two of them, they have broken so many laws that if convicted, their bones would not see the outside of a jail cell for another millennia.