Eric Holder’s Sympathy For the Devil—For the BATFE

I am almost bored hearing about how the Obama White House is going to use executive orders to impose some kind of gun control. Stop threatening and do it, already! Let the struggle begin.

But sometimes the news gets interesting. For example, recently Eric Holder tried to get us all to feel sorry for the impoverished agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. When discussing options, Reuters reports

“Those options will have to include a ‘strong and robust’ Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the chronically under-funded agency that enforces federal gun laws, he said.”

Poor, poor, BATFE! So weak and frail! So much in need of funds so they can do so much good…

Seriously? The BATFE’s body count is already strong and robust. Ruby Ridge involved other jackbooted agencies, but the BATFE was a major player. And then there was Waco and the David Koresh cult. They insisted on a grand siege rather than simply arresting Koresh when he was out jogging. Their self-serving decision, along with other bad decisions, led to the incineration of women and children.

Two years later, to the day, we had the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Mysteriously, the BATFE were warned not to show up for work. After the blast, while people were trapped and suffering and dying, time and again medical personnel had to leave the wreckage and abandon those they were helping because a “new explosive” had been discovered. It is likely those explosives were actually materials the BATF had been illegally storing in the building and wanted to move so they wouldn’t get in trouble.

But why am I digging up scandals from back in the nineties? The most incredible aspect of Eric Holder’s statement is his shameless pretense that the BATFE needs to be made “strong and robust” in the context of their most recent scandal. Strong and robust to succeed at what? Do they need to become strong and robust enough to sell hundreds of weapons to Mexican drug cartels so that they can be used to murder Americans and Mexicans?

They’ve already got that covered.

Just how much more empowerment does Holder thinks the BATFE requires?

If you want to see fewer gun deaths, a good argument could be made for eliminating the BATFE. This would, first of all, eliminate their contribution to firearm deaths. Even if we need a federal domestic police force, that doesn’t prove we need several of them. We have the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security. How does a third distinct agency give Americans protection? It just creates confusion.

I find it completely amazing that Holder can simply shrug off the BATFE’s lethal crimes—crimes that seem to implicate himself—and use the deaths of innocent children to portray the agency as a solution and not a problem.

Another question: does Holder think talking up the BATFE makes most Americans feel safe and secure? If I were a gun merchant, I would consider such rhetoric the best advertising I could possibly get.