Ethanol Is a Failure so EPA Wants to Force Us to Use More

The EPA is trying to impose more environmental damage and less fuel-efficiency on the American people, along with higher food prices, for the sake of ethanol.

It is far, far, far beyond time for Congress to de-fund, and shut down the EPA.

From the Patriot Post: “EPA Proposes More Corn for Fuel, Not Food.”

Compared to this time last year, Americans are paying much less at the gas pump. Enjoy it while you can, though, because gas prices are about to rise. The expected price increase isn’t due to chaos in the Middle East or a shortage of fossil fuels. No, it’s due to the Environmental Protection Agency and its newly released proposal to increase ethanol production. By the way, do you like your food bill? Get ready, because that’s about to increase too.

The EPA’s proposed three-year ethanol mandate will increase the amount of biofuel mixed into the gasoline supply. This may sound great to supporters of so-called renewable energy, but it’s actually doubling down on a terrible idea.

This one phrase from later in the post says it all: “The EPA would rather ignore reality…”

I’ve written extensively and repeatedly on the failed ethanol boondoggle, yet here they are again, back to triple and quadruple down on a pathetic idea. Ethanol does not help the environment, it hurts people all over the world through higher food AND fuel costs, it harms engines, lowers gas mileage… it does nothing positive. Except… it keeps the campaign donations flowing from the farm lobby. That’s the entire reason for many government mandates!

Ignoring reality pretty much describes Washington, DC, today. They live in a bubble of illusions and debauchery, with virtually zero connection to real life. They make tyrannical rules that they themselves often don’t have to follow, and set their own bloated salaries, no matter how much the nation is in economic pain.

Show me one business that could demonstrate a 95% failure-rate—as the TSA just did—and remain in business, with no one getting fired! Not one terrorist caught in its entire history, and they missed 95.7% of guns and bombs sent through the circus-inspired airport screening process (and at least circuses are entertaining, and one can decide whether to support them or not!).

If the push for an Article V Convention of States fails it’s time to begin moving toward peaceful secession; DC needs to get its walking papers—the great experiment in liberty has failed. The majority of today’s Americans are not worthy of freedom, and at this rate won’t have any semblance of it much longer.

It’s time for drastic change before hope dies.