Ethanol is Proof our Government Hates Us

Ethanol is one of my favorite subjects. Here’s an example why, from the Patriot Post:

Comedian Al Franken, who routinely embarrasses Minnesotans by impersonating a U.S. senator from their state, affirms that, “based on [his] conversations with [White House adviser] John Podesta and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy,” the EPA is going to raise the ethanol requirement for fuel.

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) argues, “The Renewable Fuel Standard is fundamentally broken and beyond repair. Instead of delivering meaningful environmental benefits, it’s driven up food and fuel costs for American families. This flawed program will also inevitably lead to widespread lawsuits against American manufacturers. When Congress enacts bad policy, the right response is to scrap it and start over.”

But the federal government’s ethanol mandates are proving to be a typical case study in how, once the state funds a program that the free market won’t, the political implications of that program make it virtually impossible to undo. Despite the lack of evidence for any net carbon emission reductions, the constriction and loss of biodiversity, the significant deforestation and soil erosion associated with increased grain production, the enormous impact on water quality and aquatic species, and the implications for starving children, the ethanol mandate lives on.

Oh, did I mention that gasoline engine mechanics, who work on everything from weed eaters to drag racers, affirm that ethanol is very destructive to engines and engine components? Did you know that ethanol combustion produces significantly more formaldehyde – which results in more than twice the amount of choking ozone smog? Or that ethanol also costs consumers a 15-cent premium per gallon?

All in the name of protecting the world from “climate change.”

I happen to have done my own personal experiment. My current tank is getting 30.5 mpg… When I used fuel with ethanol my average was around 26 mpg. That’s a 17% bump in mileage over using ethanol-polluted fuel… and I can imagine the damage that crud is doing to the engine as it diminishes fuel economy.

Subsidies mask the real price of almost everything, but in the end we all pay a ton more for virtually every single item we buy because the government is finding ways to stick their fingers in the pie.

This is just another fascist bit of crony-capitalist nonsense that doesn’t even help the environment.