Ethics Complaint Filed Against 9 Senators For Directing IRS Against Conservative Groups

Back in late January, I posted about how New York raving Democrat, Senator Chuck Schumer, advocated using the IRS to obstruct and harass the Tea Party. This was long after the IRS scandal had broken. So, at the time, I merely thought this was a sickening demonstration of how Liberals will defend evil when it serves their interests. What I never considered at the time, was that maybe Schumer wasn’t just defending evil, but had actually participated in it.

But now a group has come forward accusing Schumer and eight other Senators of pushing the IRS to “investigate” (i.e. harass) Tea Party groups. They claim Schumer wasn’t just defending IRS behavior but that he himself had originally encouraged and directed that behavior.

According to their press release:

The Center for Competitive Politics announced today that it filed a complaint with the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics calling for an investigation of nine senators who violated the Chamber’s rules and abused the powers of their office for political gain by requesting IRS investigations of specifically named organizations and interfering with IRS adjudications of non-profit tax status.

“Richard Nixon faced impeachment charges for attempting to use the IRS for political purposes. These similar actions surely require the Ethics Committee to sanction one or more of these senators or, at the very least, to adopt rules to ensure it never happens again,” said David Keating, president of the Center.  “Over many years, both Republicans and Democrats sought to use the IRS for political purposes and this must stop.”

“These senators improperly attempted to use the IRS to suppress the free speech of American citizens for their party’s electoral gain,” said Brad Smith, chairman of the Center and a former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission.

Their complaint is quite detailed. I found their quotation from Chuck Schumer’s speech, which I had blogged about, especially interesting. They bring up a detail that I had missed before. Here is what Schumer said:

We have to do something to address the damage done by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.  One of the great advantages the Tea Party has is the huge holes in our campaign finance system created by this ill-advised decision.  Obviously the Tea Party elites gained extraordinary influence by being able to funnel millions in undisclosed dollars into campaigns with ads that distort the truth and attack government…It’s clear we’re not going to pass anything legislatively, as long as the House of Representatives is in Republican control.  But there are many things that can be done by the IRS and other government agencies, and we have to redouble our effortsWe have not worked hard enough on this.

There it is: an open admission that Schumer was already using the IRS as a Democrat Party weapon to destroy the Party’s competition. As the complaint states,

This is a clear admission that Senator Schumer’s earlier efforts – undertaken in his capacity as a United States Senator and using official resources – were in pursuit of this political campaign and electoral agenda, and were part a broader campaign to defeat the Tea Party movement.  Senators may, of course, attempt to defeat their political rivals.  They may not, however, attempt to use the IRS to achieve these goals.  Senator Schumer and the Senators who joined him abused their positions as Members of the United States Senate when they sought to use the IRS for partisan political purposes.

Schumer should be thankful that his party also controls the Department of Justice. He belongs in jail with Lois Lerner.