In Europe, Betraying Wives And Girlfriends Is Not Restricted To Politicians

A self-reported 58% “faithful” rate makes Britons the best in Europe. Wow.

From the Telegraph: “Britons ‘most faithful partners’ in Europe.”

Italian men are in joint pole position with their French cousins, with 55 per cent of males from both countries saying that they have had sexual relations with a woman other than the person they were in a relationship with.

British men scored far lower, but were shown to be no angels, with 42 per cent of them saying they had had an affair, according to the survey of nearly 5,000 people in six countries.

The survey, carried out by polling firm IFOP for Gleeden, which claims to be the “premiere international dating website for married people”, comes just a few weeks after President Hollande was snapped leaving the home of actress Julie Gayet on a scooter.

I cannot–and do not want to—even imagine the level of Hell reserved for folks in companies like this Gleeden group, that facilitate betrayal.

Imagine an airline ad: Our planes touch down successfully 58% of the time!!

Or: The U.S. Postal Service—We’ve reduced our failed-delivery rate to just 42%!!

And: Hometown Hospital, Now with Obamacare!—58% of our patients make it home again.

Betrayal: It’s not just a sport in DC.