Europe Leading America… in National Failure

Europe is so wonderfully hip and progressive. They have streamlined public transit systems with high-speed trains …the latest in “free” socialized healthcare …and let’s not forget—no stinkin’ money. With reports rolling in of France ramping up austerity measures, Greece predicted to be bankrupt by August 20, the UK in its worst recession in 50 years, and Italian cities going Sarah Synthia Sylvia Stout ’cause they can’t afford to have their trash thrown out, it looks like the European socialist model just isn’t working.

But this is nothing new. Just a few years after the heady optimistic days at the dawn of the European Union, things were already starting to look bleak, economically and socially. Muslims were over-running European communities and imposing Shariah law, and the European economy was looking bearish. “Soviet dancing bear” bearish.

So why do American liberals continue to point to Europe as the bulwark of social greatness? Obama has been touting that, under his presidency, “people have a new attitude toward America.”  I can only imagine these “people” are European progressives. This must be because, under his expert tutelage, we have overcome our “failure to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world.

When will we finally get it? The European model, though it may look grand, cannot be sustained. You know why? It’s built on other people’s money. And other people get tired of working long and hard to pay for everybody else. Remember The Little Red Hen? How about The Ant and the Grasshopper? I bet they’re not teaching those fables to kindergarteners anymore. But the fact remains. And it’s been staring us in the mug since the Soviet Union collapsed and Deng Xiao Ping convinced the Chinese people that capitalism was just another facet of Communist ideology.

You can’t build something from nothing. And the people whose work, brains, sweat, and wealth make the leisurely life possible for all the grasshoppers of the world— these business owners, entrepeneurs, innovators, and inventors upon whom the entire entitlement system depends—they quit when they realize that extra effort does not produce extra benefit. We’ve seen it over and over. And, in spite of all the rhetoric, liberals haven’t yet been able to change this basic function of human nature. Not here. Not anywhere.