Even Belgium Knows Enough To Expel Immigrants Who Don’t Support Themselves

I never thought I would wish the United States was more like a European nation—specifically an EU member nation. Usually it is liberals who criticize the U.S. for falling short of enlightened European standards. I can only hope that they look at the example set by Belgium.

Thanks to the Global Economic Trend Analysis blog for finding this story through Google Translate:

The Aliens Office of Belgium withdrew permission of residence to 323 Spaniards in 2013 because they  no longer meet the requirements, such as having an employment contract, being a student or have become self-employed, and thus prevent impose burdens exaggerated to the coffers of the Belgian Social Security. Spanish rank third in number of expulsions, behind only Romanians and Bulgarians.

In total, Belgium expelled a total of 2,712 European citizens for these reasons over the past year. This represents an increase from 2012, when it withdrew permission for 2,407 people to stay in the country.

European citizens have the right to freedom of movement within the territory of the European Union, but must meet certain requirements during your stay at a home outside the Member State.

The Belgian Foreign Office explained that the main reason for removing these permissions have to do with “unreasonable burden on the social system” involving these citizens, by not complying with the conditions required to Europeans.

So even though they are members of the European Union, the government of Belgium knows better than to advertise welfare benefits to legal immigrants. So we can be sure they would not do anything more for illegal immigrants. It seems that only the U.S. government fails to see the need for this kind of law.

But I have to admit, I don’t understand why it is so much better for the Belgian government if Belgians place a “unreasonable burden on the social system.” Even though immigrants speed up the decline, the welfare system really can’t withstand too much use by natives either.

While I understand why Belgium was right to deport those Spaniards, the welfare state needs to be ended for everyone. That’s true both in Belgium and the United States.